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Whats up Hawk 250 riders, sorry for the downtime I have been busy and haven’t had time to update the website. I also forgot to renew the domain and you might have noticed the past week the website was down. I’m really sorry about that, hosting is about $40 a month for this website.

I will be updating the blog soon with some new content and videos on my youtube channel.

Today is the day the hawk 250 dual sport bikes should be back in stock (5/15/2017). I have emailed therps and txpowersports to confirm if they are in stock, if they are then I will update you guys with a new blog post.

I know there has been a number of fake Hawk 250 dual sport bikes being promoted out there and people are having huge delays getting the bikes and we are still not sure on the quality on those. I know TheRPS.net has confirmed that the Hawk 250 2 and the Hawk 250 3 are not not bikes from their distribution system.

So please be careful if you are ordering the Hawk 250 2 and the Hawk 250 3 dual sport bikes, they are not from the same company.

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