Help Hawk 250 Get a Faster Bike for his Girl

What’s up guys, it’s time the hawk 250 bike got a cousin, possibly a Honda or Kawasaki. I really don’t have a budget for one right now, it was my bday this month, so I got a bit saved up but no way I can get something this summer without some help.

I don’t like asking for help but any donations would be appreciated, link

My old lady loves going for rides on the hawk but it just doesn’t have enough power to pull us around and I’m afraid it’s going to blow up on me lol. We have done over 300 miles riding around together but the bike is on fire and probably won’t last long doing that.

Also maxing out around 50mph with two people and bit slower up a hill, it can’t pull two people pushing the 350lb limit lol.,

I will never sell the hawk 250, I will keep updating this website and writing content for the hawk.

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