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Hawk 250 Feb 2018 Update

What’s up fellow hawk 250 owners. Sorry for being a ghost but work has been super busy and that pays the bills so I been focusing on that.  Last time I had the chance to ride my hawk 250 was back in October. Couple days ago I decided to make some time for my hawk […]

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Hawk 250 Time Lapse Video Feb 18th Ride

Hawk 250 Dual Sport

Here is a new video I just uploaded to YouTube. This is a solo ride I took on Feb 18th. I did take my girlfriend for a ride towards the end of the day because I felt bad she was home all day and I was out ripping the hawk. I want her to learn […]

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Recent YouTube Uploads of My Hawk 250

Hawk 250

These are some videos I recently uploaded to my YouTube channel. Thank you for all your support and comments you leave on my website and social media accounts. I started this blog when I got my hawk back in Dec 2015 and I never thought it would get this big and that I would meet […]

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Hawk 250 Dual Sport – Replacing Cheap Chain with Quality O Ring Chain Video

This is the new O-Ring chain I got for my Hawk 250 RPS, this chain is 100% better than the stock one that comes with the bike and it’s a quick change. There is no need to cut the chain if you are using the stock sprockets or the ones shown above. If you would […]

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How to Change Sprockets on Hawk RPS 250

This short guide will show you the steps to change your sprockets on your Hawk RPS 250 Enduro dirt bike. The sprockets I went with are JT Sprockets 45T and JT Sprockets 17T. You can purchase Hawk 250 Upgrades by clicking here. You will also find other Sprocket sizes depending on your needs.   Step 1. You will […]

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