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Selling Used Hawk 250 Dual Sport RPS Bike

Hawk 250If you are looking to sell your used hawk 250 dual sport bike, please use the comments section below to upload your hawk 250 picture, information on the hawk location, including mileage and any changes you did or whatever information you want to include.

You couldn’t ever get me to sell my hawk 250 bikes, so you will never see my bikes for sale here but I had a lot of emails people looking to buy a used hawk 250 enduro, so I figured I would create this page and let people post their hawk 250 bikes for sale and people can easily find any people selling their hawk on here.


My suggestion to anyone looking to buy a used hawk 250, is don’t. Its not a huge investment and for you to maybe spend $800 to $900 on a used hawk 250, when you can get a brand new one for only $1399. For only a few hundred more you can get a brand new hawk and you know that hawk wasn’t been mistreated. In my opinion I would just recommend waiting a bit longer to save for a brand new bike or you can also take advantage of the store credit the websites selling hawks offer. The minimum payment would be from $25 to $130 a month depending on what payment plan you choose.

I purchased my hawk 250 from and so did about 4 of my buddies. We haven’t had any issues with their website and I got a small $25 coupon code you can use at checkout, I recommend getting the expired order processing so you can get your hawk faster =)

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