States with Confirmed Hawk 250 Street Legal Registrations

The information below I got from a really cool dude from ChinaRiders, the information on the post is from actual hawk 250 owners who registered their bike for street legal use at their local DMV. Please make sure to checkout the forum post to check for new updates, I will try to update the list below as best as I can. The forum post should be updated more often and you can also post your questions on there.

I’m sure the DMVs are always changing and what works today, might not work tomorrow. So please don’t hold Jerry or myself to these posts. Please always check with your DMV before getting your hawk. You also always have the Vermont method which works great for states that don’t have the hawks registered as street use.

Here is the post directly from the chinariders post by JerryHawk250,

Lets see a list of States with confirmed Hawk registration and title. Please only post once stating what State and weather you had success or not and what was required. This tread will help other on making a decision with there purchase of a Hawk. So please do not post about anything else. Thanks in advance. I’ll update the list as I receive the information. Just because your state is listed doesn’t guarantee you will have the same success. Check with your local DMV before purchasing your Hawk.

1. Louisiana- Successful. – Notarized MCO , Bill of Sale & Odometer Disclosure Statement. Proof of Insurance.
2. Texas- Successful.
3. Georgia – Successful. – Varies from county to county, for more info….7&postcount=74. IMO the Vin Tag Helped
4. Alabama- Successful.
5. Michigan- Successful.
6. South Carolina- Successful.
7. Minnesota Successful. -MCO, BILL OF SALE, engine number
8. Oregon Successful.
9. Oklahoma- Successful. –
10. Florida- Successful – MCO and Bill of Sale
11. Vermont- Successful -Bill Of Sale or Invoice. MCO not needed
12. New York- Successful
13. New Hampshire- Successful – for more info…97&postcount=1
14. North Carolina- Successful – MCO , Bill of Sale & Proof of Insurance.
15. Arizona- Successful -MCO, bill of sale, visual inspection at the Arizona Motor Vehicles Division
16. North Dakota- Successful – MCO and invoice with purchase price
17. Pennsylvania- Successful
18. North Carolina- Successful
19. Ohio- Successful
20. Arkansas- Successful
21. Nebraska- Successful
22. Wisconsin- Successful
23. Massachusetts- Successful
24. Illinois- Successful
25. Idaho- Successful
26. West Virginia- Successful
27. New Jersey- Successful
28. Tennessee- Successful
29. Washington- Successful
30. Virginia- Successful
31. Kansas- Successful
32. Maine – Successful
33. Indiana- Successful