Hawk 250 Feb 2018 Update

Hawk 250 Feb 2018 Update

What’s up fellow hawk 250 owners. Sorry for being a ghost but work has been super busy and that pays the bills so I been focusing on that. ┬áLast time I had the chance to ride my hawk 250 was back in October.

Couple days ago I decided to make some time for my hawk 250 to change the oil. It’s been sitting for a while. I normally like to change my oil every 300 to 500 miles since it’s cheap to change.

The battery on the hawk was dead like always because I’m lazy to install one of those trickle charges or whatever it’s called lol.

But my hawk 250 loves me and she always starts up with the kickstart, sometimes she turns on quick and sometimes she needs more loving.

I got the oil changed but didn’t really get a chance to ride it. Most of the air from the tires was gone and I wanted to do a full checkup of bolts, wires and screws before doing any riding.

Here are some pictures from that day. Hopefully I will find more free time to update this blog for you guys. Sorry if I don’t get back to everyone on emails, you can always try me on instagram or facebooo.

She is filthy from all the woodworking I have been doing in the garage. She needs a nice wash.

I did have a issue at the end of the summer when my gas tank started leaking at the valve. My jb weld is still going strong.

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