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Changing out Hawk 250 Stator and Testing Bike

Hawk 250

My buddies hawk 250 one day stopped working, he is around 3500 miles. The hawk 250 turned on for a few minutes and then shut off. He was moving at this time and the hawk sat for almost 4 months before we had a chance to look at it. We did the “quick” troubleshoot method […]

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How to Change Sprockets on Hawk RPS 250

This short guide will show you the steps to change your sprockets on your Hawk RPS 250 Enduro dirt bike. The sprockets I went with are JT Sprockets 45T and JT Sprockets 17T. You can purchase Hawk 250 Upgrades by clicking here. You will also find other Sprocket sizes depending on your needs.   Step 1. You will […]

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