Hawk 250 - 100 Mile Bike Ride with Girlfriend

Hawk 250 – 100 Mile Bike Ride with Girlfriend

It was a beautiful sunny day in the Catskills and the girlfriend and I decided to go on a nice journey and see how far we can get. At the end of the ride we did over 100 miles on the hawk 250 dual sport and it was a great ride, its really conferrable to me and I can ride on the hawk 250 all day long. I did some recording and will be posting some short YouTube clips soon with the hawk 250 in action.

Our first stop was just off route 52 in Ellenville, NY.  This is just before the Sam’s Point hiking trails and I would recommend doing the hiking trails in winter for the ice caves.
Hawk 250

Such a great view from up here. No matter what time you come, its always amazing. Plus the hawk 250 looks really good in the background =).Hawk 250 Black Hawk 250

I was a bit hungry, so I got myself 2 hotdogs and in about 2 seconds they were gone and we were back on the rode with the hawk 250.

Hawk 250 Dual Sport

Next stop on the hawk 250 adventures was to the Rondout Reservoir near the southern end of Catskill Park, split between the towns of Wawarsing in Ulster County and Neversink in Sullivan County. We rode thru Ellenville and then jumped on Route 55a and did a lap around the reservoir which was an amazing ride with the hawk 250.

Hawk 250

We tried fishing here in the summer but we came when it was so hot and definitely the wrong time for fishing and had no luck catching anything, we went home hungry for some fish.Hawk 250 Dual Sport

What a prefect background to the amazing hawk 250 dual sport bike. We are loving this bike and got to see a lot of the Catskills and Hudson Valley and its great on gas and super fun to ride.Hawk 250 Enduro Black Hawk 250

Put my new hawk 250 sticker on the front headlight section, its a bit off but I like it.Hawk 250 Stickers

The girlfriend enjoying the view from the hawk 250. Wearing my baggy hoody and a heavy schoolbag full of tools and nuts/bolts, because you just never know when you will need some tools for the hawk 250.Hawk 250

She looks like a owl with that helmet setup.

Hawk 250 RPS

Next we ended up by Route 52 in Neversink, NY.  The old lady had to let her hair breath a bit and then it was back on the road.

Hawk 250 Dual Sport

Always time for more hawk 250 pictures. Hawk 250 Pictures

Some pictures my girlfriend took while we were cruising on the hawk 250 on some beautiful scenic roads. You can see I’m flying at 42MPH =).

Hawk 250 Dual Sport

Went thru some country counties and plenty of cows and horses and all sorts of other animals around, so beautiful riding in the Catskills. Barely any cars on the road.Hawk 250 Ride Out Hawk 250

Riding in the fall is the the best. No need to deal with that heat and sweat and the hawk 250 likes the clean fresh chilly air.Hawk 250 Scenic Ride

Hawk 250 Riding

It was a great day of riding, we did over 100 miles on the hawk and it was pretty much non-stop riding. We had to stop for a few pictures here and there. The hawk 250 did well with 2 people on the bike, going uphills it would do 40-45 and there were some steep hills and the hawk got us right up there. I also had my Go-fro camera recording some of the footage and I will be posting that on YouTube over the next few days.

Thank you for reading this post and please comment below if you are a hawk 250 owner, I love meeting new owners of this Chinese bike and how they are doing with them so far.

Here are some other Hawk 250 upgrades I have done on my hawk 250 dual sport. Each link below will open in a new window. you can click here to visit my hawk 250 shop and add all of the items to your cart and checkout to amazon. If you click any of my amazon links on the website and buy something within 24hours then I will get a small commission from amazon and I appreciate your support and for using my links.

If I can help you with any of these upgrades or questions you might have about the hawk 250, please email me or contact me on my social media accounts.

Hawk 250 Sprockets 45th Rear

Hawk 250 Sprocket 17th Front

RK Racing Hawk 250 Chain 428SO-130 (No need to cut links if you have the 45th and 17th combo sprockets)

MIKUNI VM26 Carburetor 30MM for the Hawk 250

Wings Mikuni Carburetor Jets

Full Exhaust Muffler System Upgrade Slip on for Hawk 250

NGK (2120) D8EA – Spark Plug

Hawk 250 Burrito Tube Canister

MSR Black Steel Shift Lever Hawk 250


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  1. I live in Texas and drive 60mi round trip to work , so i brought a hawk to save on gas … we’ll see how it go’s.. thanks for all the info you have shared ..

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