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Fellow Hawk 250 owners, I have created a account with Zazzle to offer some hawk 250 apparel and accessories related products. I will be buying some of the items listed on my hawk 250 zazzle shop and do a few giveaways on this website. I have also got the rights from the hawk 250 rps distributor to use the hawk 250 images in clothing, cases and more. I’m trying trying to find some good quality images of the bikes and come up with some kind of design.

I’m sorry about the prices for the products on Zazzle, they seem to be a bit pricey but from what I see it’s quality products. I’m only making $1 to $2 per item depending on what item you purchase from the shop. If any of these items become popular then I will look into getting them pre-made in bulk and hopefully I could get better prices for you guys.

You can click the image below to be taken to our Hawk 250 Zazzle shop. If you would like a custom design made using your bike, please contact us for more details.

Hawk 250 Zazzle Shopmens_ultra_cotton_sleeveless_hawk_250_t_shirt

hawk_250_logo_red_background_oval_sticker hawk_250_logo_blue_background_oval_sticker hawk_250_logo_oval_sticker

hawk_250_logo_black_background_oval_sticker mens_canvas_long_sleeve_raglan_hawk_250_t_shirt

hawk_250_enduro_trucker_hat mens_basic_hooded_hawk_250_sweatshirt mens_basic_hawk_250_sweatshirt mens_ultra_cotton_sleeveless_hawk_250_t_shirt



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