Help Compile Hawk 250 Replacement & Aftermarket Parts List

Help Compile Hawk 250 Replacement & Aftermarket Parts List

Calling all Hawk 250 dual sport bike owners to help compile a list of all aftermarket parts that we can use on the hawk 250. I will go over the list and setup a database that people can easily search and see what will work on their hawk 250 rps enduro.
hawk 250
I’m going over my comments on the websites and what people are searching for. Below are some stuff people are emailing me about but I haven’t replaced these on my bike yet or I’m looking for different options.
If you guys know a product on amazon or ebay that will fit with the hawk with the list below. Please only list items you have confirmed work on your hawk, I would hate to give people wrong info.
I will try to purchase as many as I can afford for my hawk so I can confirm it all works and post on my blog.
Stuff people are looking for the hawk,
1. Skid Plate
2. Inner Tubes
3. Tail light housing
4. Rims ( it seems buying the stock ones is a pain in the ass, seeing if there are other options)
5. Battery Options
6. Handlebars
7. Front Forks
8. Rear Wheel Shaft
9. Front Brakes
10. Back Brakes.
11. LED Bulb or Kit
12. Sub hub assembly
13. Gas Gauge
14. Rear Caliper
15. Blinkers
16. Hand Grips
17. Levers
18. Back Shock Hawk 250
19. Wheel Bearings
20. Front brake Reservoir
21. Gasket Kits
22. Front Sprocket Cover
23. Key Emission
24. Spark Plug Wire
25. Air Filter
26. Swing Arm Bushings
27. Mirror Bracket
28. Kickstand ( this has been searched like 60 times lol, guess people are losing their kickstands)
29. Chain Options ( I’m using the 428 130Link o-ring chain, I want to see what others will fit)
30. Foot Pegs
31. Brake Lines
32. Bolt Kits ( people have searched the different sizes for the hawks, if anyone has all the MM sizes so I can find some bolt kits)
33. ignition Switches
These are the most searched items on my website. I would really like to gather as much info as I can and add it to the website for people to easily find.
It will be nice to have a list of parts we can quickly order for the hawks. I know it can be a pain to get the stock parts sometimes.
Thanks for your help and input guys. You can leave a comment on this post or you can email me.

Hawk 250 Upgrades

My hawk 250 is around the 4000 mile range and it’s still running strong.  I haven’t had any major issues with it. This bike does require a bit more upkeep so you don’t break down. So I only recommend these bikes to people who like working with their hands and getting them dirty.


Here are some links to the hawk 250 upgrades I did on my bike.

My Hawk 250 Performance Upgrades

Hawk 250 eBay Upgrade Links

Thank you for reading this and I hope it has helped you purchase your hawk 250 rps bike.

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