Buy Hawk 250 Discount Code

Buy Hawk 250 Discount Code
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Whats up future hawk 250 owners. If you decided you are ready to buy a hawk 250, then please watch the video below or click here to go directly to TX Power Sports to get started on your hawk 250 purchase. This is the same website I used to purchase my hawk 250 dual sport bike and they shipped it very fast and I didn’t have any issues.

The discount code for the hawk 250 is HA250C. Enter that in your cart and a $25 discount code will be applied. I was told this discount code should work on the other RPS and Magician dirt bikes. So if anyone is looking to get the other bikes, please let them know about the code.

Buy Hawk 250 Discount Code

Here are some pictures of my Hawk 250 in the wild and some of my buddies also who own the Hawk 250 Dual Sport Bike. If you have any questions about the Hawk 250, please send me a email. I don’t work for the hawk 250 company, nor am I expert or mechanic but I will do my best to help you out.

Buy Hawk 250 Discount Code

Where to Buy Hawk 250 & Get Discount Code

Where to Buy Hawk 250 & Get Discount Code

Hawk 250

Where to Buy Hawk 250 & Get Discount Code

Hawk 250

Hawk 250 Upgrades

The good thing about the hawk 250 dual sport bike is that the upgrades are fairly priced. The most expensive thing I purchased was the exhaust for $160 but it was worth every penny. I also see TX Power Sports sells hawk 250 replacement parts and that is a good sign that you can get original hawk 250 parts also if you need.

My hawk 250 is around the 3500 mile range and it’s still running strong.  I haven’t had any major issues with it. This bike does require a bit more upkeep so you don’t break down. So I only recommend these bikes to people who like working with their hands and getting them dirty.

If you just like to sit on the bike, turn it on and go every day without ever checking the bolts, nuts, wiring etc.. then this bike isn’t for you.

This bike is so easy to take apart and go over everything, I enjoy taking the time checking everything on the hawk in the garage with a few beers and some music. If you treat her right, she will ride you forever =).

Here are some links to the hawk 250 upgrades I did on my bike.

My Hawk 250 Performance Upgrades

Hawk 250 eBay Upgrade Links



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