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This hawk 250 blog was created to help future owners to quickly find information on this dual sport bike, how to buy one, what kind of upgrades you can do and some common issues people have with their hawk 250 rps dual sport. Click the images below for what you need for your hawk 250. Recent Articles will show new posts including reviews, upgrading parts, videos and guides.

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My Hawk 250 Review

I have (2) hawk 250 dual sport dirt bikes, one is mostly street and the other is purely for off-road. My street hawk 250 bike has over 4000 miles as of March 2018. My girl and I love to take the bike out and cruise the Catskills, exploring the back country roads.

I haven’t had any major breakdowns yet. A few small things here and there but nothing that would have prevented me from buying another hawk 250 if I had to. If you check my instagram feed or facebook, you will see the common issues people have with these enduro bikes. If you don’t mind getting your hands dirty and working on the hawk 250, then you won’t have many issues fixing the common problems. I had 0% experience working on motorcycles when I purchased my hawk 250 in 2015 and today I can take the bike apart and put it together quickly and I have learned a lot about how the mechanics work on the bike, its great education and easy to learn to work on the bike if you are willing.

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My Hawk 250 Story

Welcome to my Hawk 250 dual sport blog. I don’t work for RPS or have any affiliation with Ricky Power Sports. The reason I got my hawk 250 is a big thanks to my cousin, kinda of. He must have been drinking at home and scrolling the web for toys lol when he sends me a link to some 50CC mini bike for like $400 that we can get to use around my property. I had just waken up from a nap and see these text messages about dirt bikes and then the next hour we went back and forth on how cool it would be to get one. I wasn’t too impressed with what he found and I did a quick search on google on cheap dirt bikes and it was love at first sight, when I saw that hawk 250 and the price point, it was the perfect girl for me. They also had a financing option, which made the decision even easier haha. Fast forward a few hours later, we had officially ordered 3 brand new hawk 250 dual sport enduro dirt bikes. When I texted one of my other buddy with what my cousin and I were about to purchase, he said what is the link lol. We got our hawks in the start of 2015 and at that time I couldn’t find much information on these bikes or any kinda of videos, so it was a gamble for sure, but it has paid off. I’m loving my hawk 250 and having a great time riding it and running this website to help future hawk 250 owners. Here is bare stock hawk 250 bikes, now they have a few upgrades =) Hawk 250 Social Media Accounts InstagramFacebookTwitterMy Hawk 250 YouTube VideosHawk 250 Dual Sport Spec Specs – Purchase Your Hawk 250 Dual Sport from TxPowertSports.com today and use coupon code HA250C for a $25 discount at checkout.

Max Speed: 60+ (Depending on Riders Weight and Road Conditions)
Engine Type 4-Stroke Displacement 230.0cc cooling air cooling
Ignition Type C.D.I
Number of Cylinder 1
Compression Ratio 9.0:1
Bore and Stroke 67.0×65.0
Max Power[Kw/r/m] 11.5/7000
Max Torque[N.m/r/m] 16.5/5500
Starting Electric/kick Gas
Tank Capacity [L] 12.5
Engine Oil Capacity[L] 1.1
Lighting YES
Top Speed [mph] 55
Battery Type 12V9Ah
Transmission Type Shift Drive System Type Chain Drive Gearing 5-speed
Tires Front Size(”) 80/100-21 Rear Size(”) 110/100-18
Suspension Front Type Double shocks
Rear Type Single shock
Braking Front Brake Hydraulic Disc Rear Brake
Hydraulic Disc Product Dimensions Length [mm] 2120 Width [mm] 810 Height [mm] 1380
Dry Weight [kg] 125
Seat Height [mm] 900
Wheelbase [mm] 1360
Weight Capacity [kg] 150
Ground Clearance[mm] 210
Carton Dimensions Length[mm] 1740 Width[mm] 460 Height[mm] 860
Packing Weight [kg] 145 Cubic Meter[m3] 0.69

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