My First Month Black Hawk 250 Down Video

My First Month Black Hawk 250 Down Video

Whats up guys, its not throwback Thursday but I was watching some of my videos and I found this funny video. This was maybe a month in of my having my hawk 250 bike. My blue hawk 250 cousin and I were just messing around, trying to do some burnouts and taking off quick. Well I took off to the sky when the clutch slipped and I panicked lol.

Give me a break, it was only a few weeks in and I was a noob lol. If you can see my cousins face while I’m going down, its priceless.

Hawk 250 Going Up and Then Going Down Video

The Hawk 250 Needed Some Repairs

There wasn’t major damage other then my back taillight breaking off and some scratches. My chain did get locked up in the rear sprocket and I couldn’t get it out and I didn’t have any tools on me ( That was the last time I took the hawk 250 out without my tool bag lol ) So I had to leave my cousin there to watch my hawk while I jumped on this blue hawk 250 to go home and get some wrenches.

At this point the bikes weren’t registered, we had no insurance and he was just sitting on the side of the road. Good thing these back roads were learned how to ride the hawks on has barely any cars driving by

I finally got back to him, got my chain loose and we went home to check the damages. With some power tools and 30 minutes later, the hawk 250 was back on the road looking meaner than she ever did haha

I have some pictures showing the damage somewhere on my computer, when I find it I will update this page.

Thanks for reading and I hope you are having fun with your hawk as much as I am..

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