Has Anyone Purchased a Hawk 250 from eBay?

Has Anyone Purchased a Hawk 250 from eBay?

Just a quick question to hawk 250 owners, Has Anyone Purchased a Hawk 250 from eBay? I see a lot of them for sale on eBay and the sellers have great reviews. I would like to know if anyone used eBay to purchase a hawk 250 dual sport bike and if they had any issues with getting them? I’m doing a quick review on eBay and buying a hawk 250 on ebay. So please contact me if you have any more information I can add on this page.


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Hawk 250 Riding Hawk 250

Hawk 250


I purchased my Hawk 250 dual sport from TX Power Sports. You can read my hawk 250 review and a discount coupon code to use on TX Power Sports. Click here for my hawk 250 review.

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  1. What ever you do stay away from Saferwholesale.com, They are really, really, really, bad, took 2 months to get a smashed up ATV from them, and then found out Im not the only one that’s been ripped by them.

    1. Yea, I heard some bad stuff about saferwholesale.com. They were even selling the fake hawk 3 and 2 and I think it took forever for the customers to get them. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Also found out that Saferwholesale.com just settled a 250-K lawsuit brought by the Attorney General for fraudulent activity, and that is just IL, there home state, I hate to think how much they have done in the USA. Just google the lawsuit for yourself.

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