First Motorcycle Ride of 2019 with Girlfriend

First Motorcycle Ride of 2019 with Girlfriend

It has been a long winter and this winter I didn’t really take the hawk out too much, last winter I did and she started rusting up. This time I kept it in the garage and couple days ago I finally got a new battery and was able to remove my jump box. My girl couldn’t sit on the bike because of the jump box, she wasn’t happy lol.

Hawk 250 RPS

We did about 65 miles of riding around the Catskills. Here is a short video she took from her iPhone, not sure why its so crappy. I think because I uploaded the video from the iphone. I really need to get a GoPro but its not in the budget.

We didn’t really stop at all, just maybe 2 times for some pictures, so it was 65 miles of straight riding, doing anywhere from 45-60mph on the dual sport. That is really good in my opinion for 2 people riding on the hawk 250. My bike is in the 6000 miles now and I haven’t had any serious issues with it. I consider the biggest issue so far was my stator but that was a simple replacement for the hawk. Some pictures from the first hawk 250 ride.

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