Whisper MotoCheez to Rescue

Whisper MotoCheez to Rescue

What’s up guys, I feel like a total noob lol. I have been busy the last month doing yard working and building a gazebo for my bday party, which was on June 16th.

During that time my Kia Sportage also had issues with oil leaking ;). The pan rusted and started dripping oil. So during that time I had to use my hawk 250 for supplies and I got lazy at checking stuff.

I noticed about 3 rides back that my bike started sounding really bad and I was thinking the valves or pistons was messed up.

I posted a video last night of the noise and fire coming out of the exhaust.

I sent my buddy motocheez a message and his first guess was the header bolts broke off or loose. This morning I checked and sure enough he was right.

I was so busy working and lazy to check the bike when it was cool. I would only look into the issue after running the bike and then the exhaust was hot and I couldn’t even touch it.

Anyway big shoutout to motocheez, a great guy and nice having him in the hawk community.

Hawk 250 back to life YouTube video below


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