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Hawk 250 RPS Performance Upgrades

In this post I’m going to list some of the hawk 250 rps performance upgrades I have done to my bike. I think these are must have items for anyone who wants to get the most out of their Hawk 250 and of course more speed is always better =).

You can click on each image and you will be taken to that product page on our website to make the purchase. You can Hawk 250 Shop to visit our Hawk 250 Shop and find them that way also and other parts and accessories for the Hawk 250 RPS dirt bike.

(Sometimes Amazon runs out of stock on these parts, click here to visit my hawk 250 eBay links if you see amazon is out of stock)

My Top Hawk 250 RPS Performance Upgrades

I have replaced both of my sprockets to the 17Th for the front and 45th for the rear. Using these 2 sprocket sizes you will not need to cut the chain or do any work on it, it comes off quickly and goes back on the same way. Quick and easy change, it will give you more speed right away.

Hawk 250 45th Sprocket Hawk 250 17th Sprocket

This is the new O-Ring chain I got for my Hawk 250 RPS, this chain is 100% better than the stock one that comes with the bike and it’s a quick change. There is no need to cut the chain if you are using the stock sprockets or the ones shown above.

Hawk 250 RPS Performance Upgrades

I’m loving this exhaust so far, it sounds a lot meaner and it does give you extra power. I have noticed a increase in speed right away after changing the exhaust. It isn’t that difficult to replace if you have some mechanical experience and are handy with tools, you should be fine. There are videos on how to install it on YouTube done by MotoCheeze and I have also uploaded some images on a recent post on how the exhaust looks and runs on the Hawk 250 RPS dirt bike.

Hawk 250 Exhaust Upgrade
Hawk 250 RPS Performance Upgrades

This is the MIKUNI VM26 Carburetor that I have purchased for my Hawk 250 RPS, I don’t really notice much difference from the stock one but I would assume it’s better and I had a extra amazon gift card so I decided to go with a new carb when I purchased the jets. Changing the Carb is pretty simple task to do and I have posted some images on a recent post showing how you can tune your stock Carburetor by drilling out the lockout tabs and getting to the adjustment screws on the hawk 250 stock Carburetor.

Hawk 250 Upgraded Carb

The following jets bundle I purchased from Amazon and they sell pretty fast on amazon. If they are out of stock, you should be able to find them on eBay also but I’m not sure what their current price on ebay is,  I got them from Amazon for about $11 with shipping.
Hawk 250 Car Jets

The gloves below aren’t going to give you any extra power on the hawk but they sure look cool and I’m loving the steel knuckles.

Great Gloves for Hawk 250

I have also upgraded my stock hawk 250 cluster and got a digital one with the RPM guage and gear indicator which is super cool. The stock cluster after a few rides will start giving you the wrong speed, it will say you are doing 70-80MPH but in reality you are going like 50-55. I highly recommend people upgrading their cluster.


These are the current upgrades I have on my Hawk 250 RPS dirt bike. I don’t have any mechanic experience working with bikes and I found all of these upgrades pretty easy to do. If you are able to use hand tools and some basic mechanical skills then you shouldn’t have any issues doing these upgrades on your hawk 250 dirt bike. I have learned a lot about dirt bikes and how everything works by working on my Hawk 250 and I get joy from working on the bike and always taking it apart and putting it back together to see how it all works and the most important thing is to always check your bolts and screws, they do get loose from all of the vibration.

If you have any questions about these items or my post on Hawk 250 RPS Performance Upgrades, feel free to contact me. If they are out of stock, I will try to find another website that sells the same item and I will do my best to help you out.

Hawk 250 Exhaust Upgrade

Hawk RPS
My Hawk 250 Dirt Bike


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    1. Thanks Aaron, I’m also loving the hawk 250. My buddies and I had ours since November and had tons of fun with them. The upgrades are really worth it and the more power the better :).

    1. I can’t do any wheelies period lol so it didn’t really affect me. I’m sure it will still go up but I’m not sure how much abuse these clutches can take lol

  1. I have done every mod i can find for the rps hawk still looking forward to someone doing a big bore to about 280cc so it will run short trips on the highway

    1. Thanks for the comment. I have also done all the mods that I can and I wish they would come out with something for extra power, 280cc would be great for me. Hopefully RPS will come out with something. We should get a petition going lol.

    1. For me it ranges 60 65, I’m 240, so lighter guys might get more. I mostly stick to streets that are 55mph or below. Highways with 65mph, people like to go 80 and you will not be able to keep up. It’s limited at 230cc, if it just had more then I think it would be fine

        1. Not sure if it helps any but I’ve noticed that the Honda CRF230L engine is identical to the hawk’s engine. looks identical. I know there has to be an engine that would fit in the hawk. I’ve been looking at the Honda NightHawk 250cc engine, also I havn’t seen any close up detailed pics of one in person but a mid to late 80’s Caviga 350 might work, i’m a welder/fabricator/machinist so frame/engine mount mods wouldn’t be all that difficult for me. it’s just a matter of finding something that would fit in the space, line up right and be balanced well. engine mount points could be altered fairly easily. i’m thinking of buying a hawk and doing an upgraded engine swap. if it works I might do a few and sell them. I love this bike but wish it had a beefier power plant! might also swap out the tank and front fender. if I get one and find a good mix of parts that works well i’ll share it with y’all online. Hopefully I can get my hawk before new years and make a winter project out of it. with any luck i’ll be doing the unveiling come spring of the FrankinHawk 250 to 400cc depending on what works well. if I’m successful i’ll share all of the detailed specs, pics and video of the project. I absolutely love this bike but I have a strong hankerin’ to soup mine up a bit with some more beef!!!

    2. It definetely can handle highway trips. Check screws and bolts every 100 miles though. Theres alot of vibration. And keep the chain lubed every 100 to 300 miles . it’s perfect though

  2. So I looked around and it seems the best options are for either EFI or a turbo kit or both. I’m going to the EFI conversion kit route so the hawk will be more like the crf250l once installed I’ll look into turbocharging because it’s much easier to do on fuel injection. The site I found for the kit is http://www.ecotrons.com/products/small_engine_fuel_injection_kit/
    Let me know if somebody beats me to this because I’m kinda limited on funding right now and won’t be able to purchase this for a few months

    1. I wish I had the money to try and do this on my hawk 250 to see how it goes. I have 2 hawk bikes right now and I wouldn’t mind doing some experiments on one of them =). Maybe we can take some donations and get it going lol.

  3. I’ve heard that the hawk 250cc (230), is a clone of a Honda 185 engine, and it does sound just like one. but I’ve looked around and the Honda CRF 230L seems to be a pretty close likeness as far as the whole bike goes but the engines are identical. I believe an early to mid 2000’s Honda CRF230L engine would be a direct bolt in fit. not sure if it would be any faster or more powerful but I strongly believe it would bolt right in with no trouble. not sure if it would be much better but it might lead to some idea’s.. if I new I could fit a bigger engine in there without much of a frame mod i’d buy one in a second. wish they would come out with a bigger engine. I like everything else about the bike and hope they don’t change much on it, but bigger engine would be awesome. like a 350-400. if I get one i’m definitely doing the exhaust upgrade (love that deeper sound) as well as the sprockets change and air intake mod. my favorite is the black hawk with the black engine and silver rims. bad ass. love the old school style of the hawk. just like an old school bike but looks much more comfortable. can’t wait to get mine and ride it every day!! havn’t seen one in person yet around south central ky but I’ve been keeping my eyes open. wish I could ride one to check it out. if I could test ride one I know i’d buy one! just kinda hate buying something I’ve never seen or tried out. maybe I could become a dealer! I think I could sell several of those around here for sure. if I get one i’ll post video’s and best possible top speeds after I do my mod’s. Might even do an engine swap and give a play by play video along with all of the details about what I shoe horn in there and how to do it. just in case anyone else wants to try it. I know I could find something that would fit, might have to do some engine mount mods or tank swap etc… but I know I could do it.

  4. I strictly ride off road. I’m looking to replace the front socks. Does anyone know which shocks I can buy to bolt on? Has anyone figured our which year and model the hawk is a clone of? Thank you.

    1. I’m not really aware of any aftermarket shocks or upgrades for the Hawks. Have you tried searching on chinariders.net there are tons of topics on the Hawks and great forum members who posted a lot of good information.

  5. When I bought the hawk 250 would idle but would die when you gave it gas, I was thinking it was the main jet so I clean the carburetor salt to adjust the mixture screw 1 to 1 1/2 turns out and now it won’t run at all should know starter fluid fires right up i’ve played with the mixture screw and my problem is I can’t find anybody that knows anything about this or will work on it please help

    1. Nice to meet another hawk 250 owner. I’m no mechanic and when I tuned my carb I went by MotoCheez recommendation. The screw under the carb I have 3 1/5 turns out. The sides crew I adjust by my RPM gauge, if you don’t have one then you just need to listen to the bike. You also might want to swap out the jets.

  6. Hi there!! I purchased 2 of these awesome bikes for the wife and I. I have a problem though with my wife’s… She’s 5 feet tall and is in need of a shorter rear shock!! I’m not internet savvy and don’t know what to look for exactly. Wouldn’t even know where to begin on eBay. Any ideas Hawk 250? Btw your sprocket upgrades will soon be the ones that I do for both bikes 😀

    1. Congrats on the purchases. I also own 2 Hawks and one was supposed to be for my girl but she has the same height issue. I haven’t heard anyone replacing the rear shock. Have you checked chinariders.net ? There is bunch of other hawk 250 owners on there and they might have more info. If you find a solution, please let me know :). I was also thinking maybe a smaller rear rim would help with the height issues.

  7. Iv looked at the china riders sight but with no luck :'( . If I do find a different shock ill be sure to let you know. I was thinking of taking it off and going to the Honda place that’s nearest me and see what they might be able to do. On another note I was wondering what speed you are going when you hit 5th gear sense you’ve done the sprocket upgrade? I’m hoping that with me being 160 that ill hit 5th at around 50mph.

    1. sorry that you couldn’t find any info on there. Have you seen the bike “Honda NXR 150 BROS” it looks just like the hawk and it might be a clone from that bike. But I think that bike was only sold overseas and I’m not sure how easy it would be to find parts or how well they would fit. I’m about 250 and my hawk 250 I can hit 63-65mph with all the upgrades I did on it. I have changed the sprockets, exhaust, carb, jets and better chain.

  8. After several hrs I may have found it! A rear shock swap on your recommended site “china riders” !! A forum called “hawk-rear shock” post#51 by Jim Wildman. He put an ebay link on there. The entire thing is a good read and a few post later he put pics up of how much lower it is. Ill be ordering it soon and after viewing his pics I believe that this is the shock Iv been looking for! 😀 thank you Hawk 250 and I hope that this is helpful to you and any other readers on this page!

    1. try looking at soupys adjustable lowering links they say up to a 4″ drop for the crf230 so it might work for the rear for the front you can lower it accordingly at the tree

  9. Did some of your upgrades which has helped me out a lot! Got a video to share. Will do more more later. Bike runs good. The 1st gear is more usuable now. The gear shift now is that I can actually wear steel toe shoes now to shift. The storage tube is awesome. I made my own mount using my welder. https://youtu.be/IT4V-WnrsXM

  10. I was riding hit second gear and my Hawk locked up and second gear it almost threw me off the bike I’m just wondering what happened I can Excel and first to a high rate and put it in 3rd gear and it will go so first 3rd 4th and 5th gear work but 2nd locks up every time. Why is this

  11. I was going across a street put it into 2nd….something broke…..my front tire locked up but when I started it back up I found that I could ride in 1,3,4,&5. I hear tinking in engine which tells me something broke. Don’t know what yet….I have no clue where to buy engine parts for this bike. The worse thing is I can’t find noone that will touch it….so I must do it myself. I need to know where to get parts not upgrades and maybe an IDea of what happen and why plus I got a new battery but it won’t hold charge? Wth is going on I feel I wasted 1400. PLEASE HELP

      1. Its not really that much louder than the stock exhaust. It just sounds more deeper and meaner. I like it a lot =). I might have some of these for sale next week. Email me at webmaster @ hawk250.com if you want one.

  12. Letting u know I got mine on Thursday and doing upgrades like u did on it but my arms r and I’m 6′ 1 and found out this sits like my old 96 cr250r and I bout risers for it. Sold the bike kept the risers and found out thay fit on the hawk perfectly thay r hyspeed riser kit 7/8″ bars 30mm. This was last year and ebay don’t have this one but there’s other makes with the same sizes so figured let u and everyone else know.

    1. Congrats on your hawk 250. If you are looking for the upgraded exhaust, I have some in stock. They are $145 PayPal includes shipping. Amazon has them for $169. I only got a few left. So email me if anyone wants.

  13. Hi, I am 17 and about 5’8-5’9 looking to hopefully buy one of these within the next couple months. Will I be tall enough to be able to stop and touch the ground when I have to? Such as at stop lights, etc. Thanks!

  14. Thinking about purchasing the hawk 2 250 from saferwholesale.com. They said $1,500 shipped to my door. 90% assembled. This will be my first bike. Any reason to purchase or not purchase this bike? I will be riding mostly on the street back and forth to work.

    1. I would use txpowersports.com it’s cheaper and I also got a discount code for $25 off on their website for the hawk. Should be like 1300-1400 shipped

  15. Thinking seriously anout pirchasing two Hawk 250 bikes so my wife and I both woll have one, wete both experienced riders and Im a good tinkerer with close to 40 years experience tinkering with small motorcycles, minibikes, gokarts…etc…. so maintaining one of these bikes doesn’t bother me at all.
    My concern though is having a good source for parts like CDI ignition parts, starter Solenoid, Stator Coil.

    Is there a good source for these parts so someone could keep some spares on the shelf just incase they were needed?

    1. A lot of the parts you can just get from ebay since they are just generic china parts. Right now you can get any parts from THERPS.net but not sure if that will be the case 5 years from now. But these bikes are really simple to work with and I’m sure they can be rigged up with many different parts. But if you want to stock up, check out THERPS.net they are the ones who imported the Hawk 250. TxPowerSports.com also has parts.

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