Hawk 250 RPS Performance Upgrades

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In this post I’m going to list some of the hawk 250 rps performance upgrades I have done to my bike. I think these are must have items for anyone who wants to get the most out of their Hawk 250 and of course more speed is always better =).

You can click on each image and you will be taken to that product page on our website to make the purchase. You can Hawk 250 Shop to visit our Hawk 250 Shop and find them that way also and other parts and accessories for the Hawk 250 RPS dirt bike.

(Sometimes Amazon runs out of stock on these parts, click here to visit my hawk 250 eBay links if you see amazon is out of stock)

My Top Hawk 250 RPS Performance Upgrades

I have replaced both of my sprockets to the 17Th for the front and 45th for the rear. Using these 2 sprocket sizes you will not need to cut the chain or do any work on it, it comes off quickly and goes back on the same way. Quick and easy change, it will give you more speed right away.

Hawk 250 45th Sprocket Hawk 250 17th Sprocket

This is the new O-Ring chain I got for my Hawk 250 RPS, this chain is 100% better than the stock one that comes with the bike and it’s a quick change. There is no need to cut the chain if you are using the stock sprockets or the ones shown above.

Hawk 250 RPS Performance Upgrades

I’m loving this exhaust so far, it sounds a lot meaner and it does give you extra power. I have noticed a increase in speed right away after changing the exhaust. It isn’t that difficult to replace if you have some mechanical experience and are handy with tools, you should be fine. There are videos on how to install it on YouTube done by MotoCheeze and I have also uploaded some images on a recent post on how the exhaust looks and runs on the Hawk 250 RPS dirt bike.

Hawk 250 Exhaust Upgrade
Hawk 250 RPS Performance Upgrades

This is the MIKUNI VM26 Carburetor that I have purchased for my Hawk 250 RPS, I don’t really notice much difference from the stock one but I would assume it’s better and I had a extra amazon gift card so I decided to go with a new carb when I purchased the jets. Changing the Carb is pretty simple task to do and I have posted some images on a recent post showing how you can tune your stock Carburetor by drilling out the lockout tabs and getting to the adjustment screws on the hawk 250 stock Carburetor.

Hawk 250 Upgraded Carb

The following jets bundle I purchased from Amazon and they sell pretty fast on amazon. If they are out of stock, you should be able to find them on eBay also but I’m not sure what their current price on ebay is,  I got them from Amazon for about $11 with shipping.
Hawk 250 Car Jets

The gloves below aren’t going to give you any extra power on the hawk but they sure look cool and I’m loving the steel knuckles.

Great Gloves for Hawk 250

I have also upgraded my stock hawk 250 cluster and got a digital one with the RPM guage and gear indicator which is super cool. The stock cluster after a few rides will start giving you the wrong speed, it will say you are doing 70-80MPH but in reality you are going like 50-55. I highly recommend people upgrading their cluster.


These are the current upgrades I have on my Hawk 250 RPS dirt bike. I don’t have any mechanic experience working with bikes and I found all of these upgrades pretty easy to do. If you are able to use hand tools and some basic mechanical skills then you shouldn’t have any issues doing these upgrades on your hawk 250 dirt bike. I have learned a lot about dirt bikes and how everything works by working on my Hawk 250 and I get joy from working on the bike and always taking it apart and putting it back together to see how it all works and the most important thing is to always check your bolts and screws, they do get loose from all of the vibration.

If you have any questions about these items or my post on Hawk 250 RPS Performance Upgrades, feel free to contact me. If they are out of stock, I will try to find another website that sells the same item and I will do my best to help you out.

Hawk 250 Exhaust Upgrade

Hawk RPS
My Hawk 250 Dirt Bike


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