First Hawk 250 Ride This Season

First Hawk 250 Ride This Season

It was a beautiful Sunday day in the Catskills. I decided to check on the hawk 250 to she if she will start up. Last time I turned it on was on Feb but didn’t really ride it, just changed the oil.

The hawk battery was dead but I was able to get it started with the kickstarter in about 2 and half minutes. Check the video on my hawk_250 instagram account.

I had to fill up the air in the tires and do a quick maintenance before the ride.I took a nice 20 mile ride around the Catskills and froze my ass off lol. It was about 40 but with the wind it felt like 20s and I only had a light jacket and jeans. But it was still fun riding the hawk 250 on the open roads.

The roads were full of sand from all the dumping the trucks did during the winter and I could feel the hawk wanting to slip and slide lol

That’s the only update for today. Checkout some pictures from today’s playtime with the hawk 250 dual sport.

Some rice and beans after the ride. Then I gave hawk 250 a quick rinse to get the salt and sand off.

The above image show my JBWeld on the gas tank valve. It started leaking last summer and I didn’t have a welder so this seems to be working. Not a deal breaker for me, I still love my hawk 250.

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