New Hawk 250 RPS Aftermarket Digital Cluster from Matt

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Matt contacted me last week saying these bad boys were in and I couldn’t wait to make my order. He shipped them out Monday and I just got them today in the mail, super fast shipping!

Hawk 250 aftermarket cluster

Speed, RPM and Gear indicator

Here are some more pictures of the digital hawk 250 cluster that is a exact replacement for the stock cluster. You will just need to do some extra wiring and Matt has provided detailed instructions with the digital cluster and I will also do a mini guide once I have installed mine.

I will also be posting some images and videos once it’s installed so we can see the real beauty in these digital clusters with the cool looking RPM gauge light up and digital hawk cluster ON.

Here is a bad scan I did of the instructions that came with the clusters, I will make better copies and scan it again so if you guys lose the paper, you will have a PDF version.

If you are interested in purchasing these hawk 250 digital clusters, please send Matt a email and see if he has any in stock and what the current price is. His email is listed in the image below. I didn’t want to paste his email here so some bot picks it up and start spamming him.


If you are interested to see the performance upgrades I have done on my Hawk 250 RPS Enduro Dirt Bike, please checkout my post Hawk 250 RPS Performance Upgrades  for full details and links to purchase them.

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