Where to Buy Hawk 250 DLX With Discount Coupon

Where to Buy Hawk 250 DLX With Discount Coupon

hawk 250 dlx discount code
Coupon Code : HAWKDLX2

If you have been waiting for the new Hawk 250 DLX 2019 model, I got some good news. I have been told it should be out within a month or so. I have asked to get more details but as of right now they seem to be top secret.

The final price for the new model will be announced soon. I have secured a discount code with one of the wholesalers who will be selling the hawk 250 DLX 2019 model. Please bookmark this page, join my mailing list and I will email you the minute you can order your new hawk.

This new model comes with EFI Fuel injection, Im curious to see how that will work out in the long run or if it will be something that will just give you issue. I think I prefer the carb, easier to troubleshoot in the middle of the road when you get stuck lol.

I think it also comes with most of the upgrades we have been buying for the older hawk model, so that should save us from having to buy these upgrades for the

I will do a full review on the motorcycle and keep doing content on both hawk models.

Comment below if you plan on getting the new hawk and if you have any opinions on it with the information provided so far.

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