Hawk 250 RPS Club Pictures

Hawk 250 RPS Club Pictures

If you are not on the Hawk 250 Facebook Group, you should come over. There is a bunch of cool active hawk 250 owners and everyone is helpful and super nice. Checkout some hawk 250 rps club pictures below submitted on the hawk 250 facebook page. I also posted their comments under the images to just mentions a few things they upgraded on their hawk 250.

Robbie –  “Did mikuni carb, muffler, sprockets, air box, led headlight, and led brake light, luggage box. Heavy duty rear tube”

Hawk 250 Hawk 250 Hawk 250

Ryan B – “ Not many mods. Just the Digital Cluster, LED headlight, rear storage tube, trickle charger, USB charger with voltage meter and painted the rear exhaust shield black. She is going to have a Harley friend soon”

hawk 250 blue hawk 250 blue hawk 250 blue

Gary S – Very cool looking green mean machine

green hawk 250 green hawk 250

Brad H – I think has the best color, but I could be biased because both of my hawk 250 dual sports are black =)

black hawk 250

Jacob W – Nice looking blue hawk 250 with its black hawk cousin.

blue & black hawk 250 rps blue hawk 250 rps

Steven B – Very nice looking color on this hawk 250

hawk 250 rps

Nathan M– Now this is one cool setup this guy has, it shows you the hawk 250 can handle anything, take it hunting or just for a cruise in the wild.

black hawk 250 black hawk 250

Tom M – Another slick looking green hawk 250 dual sport.

Green Hawk 250

Justin C – Nice blue hawk 250 taking off. My next thing to learn, how to wheelie the hawk 250.

Daniel H – Now this is cool, father and son doing some riding. Will the dad get the son a hawk 250 when he gets a bit taller?

hawk 250 rps black

Brian L – “ 2017 Hawk. Air box mod and original carb modded with 110 jet. Have not touched idle mix screw yet. Stock exhaust for now. 16/43 sprockets now installed. Burrito tube added. H4 LED light and a usb charger kit installed. Cycra skid plate installed with home made brackets and longer bolts. A little custom paint work.

This is a very nice looking hawk, I like the customer changes and the color upgrade makes such a huge difference, great job buddy

hawk 250 customer

Jason A – Nice looking customized red hawk 250 dual sport.

red hawk 250

Clay C – Another Red Hawk 250 Rps Bike, must be rough riding in the sand lol

Red Hawk 250

Chris H – Some nice mods on this black hawk 250

black hawk 250

Robert C – Sharing his green Enforcer

Andrew M – Seems the blue hawk 250 bikes like to be only on one wheel!

blue hawk 250

Ronald H – What a beautiful view with the blue hawk 250 and the clear sky. I wish we had trails like this in the Catskills.

blue hawk 250

TMP Saturday Graphics – “Took the Hawk name off the seat and handlebar pad, didn’t like the font. Plan to make my own tank graphics sometime down the road. Right now it has the Hawk 250 logo stickers from this page’s profile that was on the bike when I got it in Dallas.

hawk 250 black

Nicholas C – Seems like the black hawk 250 is the favorite =)

black hawk 250

Sam T – “ Sealed battery, vm26 mikuni 120 jet, exhaust, 17-50 geaing, digital gauges, rear tail light swaped to smaller one with fender delete, fuel filter installed. cbr500 clutch and brake levers and front spoke covers and soon to have 50cal ammo ca saddle bags and harbor freight box mounted.

Now this guy knows how to have fun with the hawk 250, this should show you it can take abuse. My and my buddy also got our self in a deep muddy situation and the hawk did well and survived.

hawk 250 hawk 250 enduro hawk 250 rps

Octavio M– Stock blue hawk but he loves it!

blue hawk 250 rps

Derek S – “ New carb, New spark plug, New unbreakable levers and new master cylinder, Spoke skins , Air box mod, Enduro guards, Radio, Lithium ion battery, Replaced all bibles with LED including headlight

This guy also knows how to have fun with the hawk, he is always sending me pictures of the green hawk in the wild and having a fun time.

green hawk 250

That’s all folks, I will update this post or maybe do a new one as more members share their pictures with me. If you would like to write up a review of your hawk 250, I can do a seperate post for it. Just email me your review and any pictures you want shared and I will do the rest.

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