Hawk 250 Issues

Hawk 250 Problems

I purchased my Hawk 250 back in December 2015. I haven’t rode the last 2 years as much as I would have liked. My hawk has about 6500 miles now. Right now its sitting in the garage with a dead battery but I know 100% it will start as soon as I charge the battery or put a new one in =). I haven’t had any major issues on the hawk but I did have one close call which I will list below in my Hawk 250 problems checklist. I’m just going to list a few hawk problems I had that I can recall, its not in any kinda of order.

Hawk 250 Issues
  1. Kick starter broke on me, it just swings up and down, it sounds like the gear inside might have stripped. The bike starts with the battery or me rolling it down the hill, so I haven’t changed the kick starter yet but I really should. Most of the time the battery might be dead and the kick starter is needed!

2. A spoke broke on my rear tire as my girlfriend and I were driving on a back road. We were coming down a hill doing about 45 and next thing I know the bike just starts wobbling. I don’t know how I saved it but I tried not to panic and downshifted to slowdown the bike and lightly tapped on the breaks. This isn’t really a hawk 250 problem, its more of lack of maintenance on my part. Make sure to tightening those spokes on your rims!

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3. I don’t know the right terms but I’m sure you guys will know about this one =). There is a seal that goes around the gear shifter drips oil, I changed it 2 times now but its still drips, so I must be doing something wrong. What is strange I have a second hawk and it never drips, so I guess it just depends on who assembled your hawk over in the factories lol

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4. Electric start doesn’t always work. (This is only happening on my cousins blue hawk, I haven’t had the issue with my black hawk) You hit the button and nothing happens, the battery is charged. Then sometimes it works and starts the bike. It sounds like maybe a loose connection or short wire but we tried checking it

5. This is more of a maintenance issue and not really a hawk 250 problem. These motorcycles vibrate A LOT, be prepared to lose nuts and bolts if you don’t check the connections after a few rides. It doesn’t take long to check the basics to make sure you don’t lose something on your ride. I have lose foot pedals, bolts and bunch of other stuff that just vibrated off haha.

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That’s all I can recall about issues I had with my hawk 250 dual sport, as I recall any new issues I will update this blog post.

Please comment your hawk 250 problems in the comments section below or send me an email and I will update this blog post with hawk 250 pros and cons.

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