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Hawk 250 RPS Club Pictures

hawk 250 riders

If you are not on the Hawk 250 Facebook Group, you should come over. There is a bunch of cool active hawk 250 owners and everyone is helpful and super nice. Checkout some hawk 250 rps club pictures below submitted on the hawk 250 facebook page. I also posted their comments under the images to […]

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New Hawk 250 Dual Sport Random iPhone Clips Video

I have just uploaded some short clips I had of my friends and my hawk 250 dual sport bikes. I was holding the iPhone the wrong way for every single video, so that is why you see images added into the video. Sorry for the noob mistake =).

We are loving the hawks 250 dual sport bikes and try to get as much riding as we can. We haven’t had any major issues with them. The key is to make sure to do routine maintenance to prevent major issues from occurring.

My hawk 250 upgrades, I have new sprockets, carb with new jets, new exhaust, new chain and digital cluster. If you are looking to buy the upgrades I have, you can purchase them from my shop, click here for hawk 250 upgrades