Replacing Swing-Arm Bolt on Hawk 250 and Short Ride After

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A week ago I was doing some work on my hawk 250 and I noticed something didn’t look right with bolt holding up the hawk 250 swing-arm. The bolt was missing the bolt head, it looks like it just snapped off while I was riding. See image blow. That is the swing arm bolt for the hawk 250.

Hawk 250 Swing Arm BoltI have no idea how this happened but I might have I tightened the bolt too much and from all the vibrations the hawk 250 makes, it caused the head of the bolt to break off.  I was able to purchase a new bolt with the washers and nut from Ricky Sports RPS website, it was $20 with shipping.

Replacing the swing arm bolt was fairly quick. As I pulled out the old bolt, I pushed the new one in. Took about 3 minutes to swap out.

Hawk 250

It was time to take the hawk 250 dual sport out for a cruise with the old lady to get some food. It was a beautiful sunny day in the Catskills for a ride on a motorcycle. Rock Hill Pizza is good spot for some fresh pizza or sandwiches.

Hawk 250Hawk 250

We both had the spicy chicken cutlet sandwich and then hit the road again on the hawk 250 for a nice ride thru the Catskills.

Some random images of the hawk 250 from today’s ride with the girlfriend.

I think the girlfriend needs some better gear than wearing my large hoodie and a new helmet would be nice

Hawk 250Hawk 250
We did spot a owl while riding, the girlfriend noticed it and started screaming and I had no idea what was going on, gave me a scare lol.

Hawk 250 OwlOwl
We just took random roads to get lost on the hawk 250 and had to make stops for some more photos 🙂 to show off the hawk 250 dual sport bike.

Hawk 250Black Hawk 250Hawk 250Hawk 250Hawk 250 Dual SportHawk 250 RPS
I always make sure to fill up some gas at the end of every ride so she is ready for the next ride.
Hawk 250

I think it’s time for some new tires for my hawk 250. These tires have mostly been riding on the street and they lasted about 2600 miles. I can’t decide on what new tires to get so I might just get the stock hawk 250 tires again. I saw they are $50 each on TheRPS website. I mostly ride street and I think it would be smarter to get a different set of tires but I don’t want to lose the option of hitting up the trails.

Total miles for this ride was almost 50 miles. It was nice to get back on the road, it took about a week and half for me to get the part ordered and delivered to my house.

Hawk 250 Cluster

Total miles on the hawk 250 aftermarket cluster. I had around 1200 miles on the stock hawk 250 cluster. I’m loving the new cluster, it looks so good!

Hawk 250

End of the ride picture, it was a short but relaxing ride. I’m loving the Hawk 250 so far, no major issues, just some bolts and nuts which are easy to replace. Make sure to always go over your bike and do routine maintenance to make sure nothing is missing or broken off. That is how I found the cracked bolt head on my swing arm.

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Sorry for not being active on the hawk 250 website guys. I just been busy with other work and didn’t have much time to post