Back Yard Fun During Gazebo Build

Back Yard Fun During Gazebo Build

Whats up hawk 250 familia, just a quick post on some new YouTube videos I uploaded from todays quick session on the hawk 250 while working in my backyard.

Once I clean it all up, I will mount my action camera and get some proper videos of the hawk ripping up some dirt. If you like the videos and would like to help, please LIKE and Share. I’m trying to hit that 1000 subscribers, YouTube cut my pennies since I only have 500+ subscribers.

And Second Video from the same day of the hawk 250 in action. The below video is a quick ride with my girl on the back and she wanted to get off real quick haha.

In case you missed some of these other recent videos I uploaded on Hawk 250 YouTube.

This video below is a good one, recently I made it so you can see the eBay and Amazon prices for the hawk 250 parts and upgrades for sale. When you click on any product in the Hawk 250 Shop, on the top you will see the Amazon item and under it you will see the eBay price.

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