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Help Compile Hawk 250 Replacement & Aftermarket Parts List

Calling all Hawk 250 dual sport bike owners to help compile a list of all aftermarket parts that we can use on the hawk 250. I will go over the list and setup a database that people can easily search and see what will work on their hawk 250 rps enduro. I’m going over my […]

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Hawk 250 Mikuni Carburetor and Jets

Hawk 250

If your hawk 250 isn’t running correctly, chances are the stock hawk 250 carburetor is not tuned correctly or using the wrong jets. I have worked on 4 different hawk 250 dual sport bikes so far and all of them had the same issue, not tuned or running the wrong jets. The hawk 250 manufactures […]

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Hawk 250 – TMS Dual Sport Dirt Bike Aluminum Inside Hand Brush Guards

I have noticed a few hawk 250 bike owners purchasing these hand brush guards for their hawk 250 dual sport. If you own one of these TMS hand brush guards please comment in the section below this post and let us know how they are. They are fairly priced and I think I will be […]

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Hawk 250 RPS Performance Upgrades

Hawk 250 Parts

In this post I’m going to list some of the hawk 250 rps performance upgrades I have done to my bike. I think these are must have items for anyone who wants to get the most out of their Hawk 250 and of course more speed is always better =). You can click on each image […]

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