Installing Spoke Skins Guide and Video

Installing Spoke Skins Guide and Video

Whats up fellow hawk 250 owners and future ones (what are you waiting for!). Today in the mail I got my new hawk 250 spoke skins I ordered from the hawk 250 shop, under the Spoke Skins category. I was excited to get started on these but first I had to take a quick nap to relax the mind haha. After the 2 hour nap, I was ready to get to work.

I would deff recommend doing these during the day when its sunny out and you can let the skins sit in the sun to warm up and loosen up. It was a pain to work with them in the cold. My poor fingers are still feeling it as I type this post. I also recommend cleaning the rim, it will make things a lot smoother as you will see in the video below. The front rim went a lot quicker compared to the back rim because it was cleaner.

In the video you will see me starting to clean the rear rim but the I got lazy and skipped it lol, but it gave me a headache of a time installing the rear ones. I’m sure if they sat in the sun a bit, it would have been easier.

Installing Hawk 250 Spoke Skins Video

Where you Buy Hawk 250 Spoke Skins?

Very simple and affordable to purchase these upgrades for your hawk 250. Click here to visit the hawk 250 shop, it will link directly to the Spoke Skins Category. You will be taken to the page below. Click on any of the ones you want to see. On the product page, you will see Amazon and eBay prices for the same items. Once you go to Amazons or eBays page, you will see the different color options they have for your hawk 260 spoke skin upgrade. Thank you again for the support and using my amazon and ebay affiliate links to purchase your upgrades, I really appreciate it.

Hawk 250 Spoke Covers

Hawk 250 Pictures from Installing Spoke Covers

Some quick images from the install of the hawk 250 spoke skin cover protectors. This was a fun little project to do in the garage and it didn’t cost me a fortune. I really like the way it came out, I still need to tweak a little to make it a snug tight fit but we are almost there. Tomorrow I will finish this off.

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