Hawk 250 Upgrades on eBay

If you see that Amazon is out of stock on these items on my hawk 250 shop, then you can still purchase the items from eBay. I have went thru eBay and found some sellers with the same items. When you click the image or links below, it will show you different sellers that have that item.


The top item will the price from Amazon and under it you will see the offers from eBay for the same hawk 250 part or upgrade.

Here is a quick video showing how to order hawk 250 ebay parts.

Just make sure that the correct model number is listed in the item when you click on the eBay seller. If you have any questions please email me and I will help you out.

If you would like to purchase the hawk 250 upgrades from eBay using my affiliate links. They are linked below (ALL LINKS WILL OPEN IN NEW WINDOW). Please make sure to select the correct model number that I listed under each image and eBay link.

Hawk 250 Rear Sprocket Upgrade: JT Sprockets JTR269.45 45T Steel Rear Sprocket. When you click the image or eBay link below just make sure the model number “JTR269.45 45T” is in the ebay sellers title. Click here  to go to ebay.

Hawk 250 Front Sprocket UpgradeClick here  to purchase these sprockets from eBay. Make sure to select a seller with the model number “JT Sprockets JTF259.17 17T”

Hawk 250 CanisterClick here  to purchase the hawk 250 canister from eBay.

TMS Brush Guards for Hawk 250: Click here  to purchase the Hand Guards for your hawk 250. Make sure to only select the seller that has the same image as below, it can be a different color but as long as its the same product. That is the one hawk 250 owners are using.

Hawk 250 Mikuni Carburetor Upgrade: Click here  to purchase the MIKUNI carb. Make sure to select the seller that has the model “MIKUNI VM26 30MM” in the title.

Hawk 250 Mikuni Carb Assortment Jets Pack: Click here  to purchase them from eBay. You need to make sure the VM26 is in the title if you have the carb above.”Wings Mikuni Carburetor Carb Jet VM22 VM24 VM26″

Hawk 250 After Market Exhaust Upgrade: This is one of the best upgrades that you can do on your hawk 250 in my opinion. It just sounds great and its not a big investment. Just scroll and click on the color you want. Links will open in a new window. If any of these are out of stock, please let me know.

Chrome Exhaust

Red Exhaust




I hope this post has helped you find some new upgrades for your hawk 250. I also really appreciate that you are using my eBay and amazon affiliate links. Thank you for the support and please contact me and introduce yourself. Its always nice to meet new hawk 250 riders.

I will be adding more items to this page as I find them. So make sure to check back often.






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    1. Please follow the guide and search for the model number I listed if you are looking for the eBay links. I clearly listed the model to look for in the quotes. The front sprockets are the same ones I have on my hawk. So please double check the model # I posted and look for that one.

  1. Note: the 2017 HAWK model is almost completely different than previous models. Engine, trans, brakes, exhaust, fuel, it’s a different bike now. I had been looking at this bike for quite some time based on reviews and even this helpful website, but just when I was ready to buy, and had several dealers trying to track down the 2016, they went out of inventory. I have been trying to find anyone with the 2017 model in comparison, but it’s a different bike all together now. Sad to say if you start seing more people saying the parts don’t fit – it’s because in 2017 it’s pretty much a while new model and whole new bike. Was very thankful this website was putting all this together, but I am not a hawk owner due to the extensive change for the new year.

    1. Hey Matt, those 2017 models being shown are not from the same company who imported the Hawks. I spoke to TheRps.net and hawk is here to stay. TxPowerSports.com has them in stock. Use coupon code HA250C for a small discount. The websites selling the hawk 250 2 and hawk 250 3 are fake. They are not from Ricky Power Sports, who imports the current hawks we are all loving. So make sure not to fall for those 2017 models or Hawk 2 and Hawk 3. So if you get it from txpowersports then it should be the same hawk 250 we all have.

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