Hawk 250 Rim Swap and Ride with Girlfriend

Hawk 250 Rim Swap and Ride with Girlfriend
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The tires on my main street hawk 250 bike were done and I really wanted to ride but I’m not sure which new tires to go with for my hawk 250 dual sport. I have a second hawk 250 that is mostly for off-roading only and not registered. So I took the rim from my off-road hawk 250 and put it on my street hawk 250. It was a quick swap and then the girlfriend and I went for a short 50 mile ride to test everything out.

First I removed the front hawk 250 rim from my street hawk. This hawk 250 came with black rims which I prefer over the first hawks rims.


Hawk 250

This is the color rim that the first set of hawk 250s came out with. Make sure to check those bolts on the front break rotor and add some loctite and make sure that clamps are pushed against the head of the bolt to prevent vibration from loosening them up.

Hawk 250

My first hawk 250, mostly for off-roading because its not registered.

Hawk 250

Quick rim swap and I’m ready for the road.

Hawk 250

If your stock cluster stopped working or isn’t accurate, make sure to check the speedometer speed sensor, mine was pretty much stuck. I took it apart, cleaned it up, greased it and its like brand new. I didn’t get a chance to test it because the hawk 250 off-road edition isn’t ready for the road, it needs some new parts.



Hawk 250

That same day my hawk 250 stickers came in and they are pretty cool. The quality from Zazzle is pretty good. You can find these on my hawk 250 fan shop.

Hawk 250

Bek stopped by to watch me do some work on the hawk 250 and learn something haha. Then we had a nice BBQ with some cheeseburgers and and spicy chicken wings.


Just messing around with the hawk 250 on my property, I can have a nice trail here once I find the time to clean out this land of mine.

Hawk 250

Hawk 250 locked up and can’t get out.

Hawk 250

After changing the tire and taking some pictures of the hawk 250 around my house the girl and I jumped on the hawk for a cruise.┬á Our first stop was the Stone Church in Ellenville, NY, but they were having a weeding and the hawk 250 didn’t get a invite.

We then went to a farm we usually drive by to see some horses, camels, donkey’s, you name it, they have it.


Hawk 250

Next we ended up by the new Montreign casino being built in the Catskills. Its going up pretty quick and this thing is going to be huge. Can’t wait to come by with the hawk 250 when its open.



Hawk 250




Hawk 250




Dual Sport Hawk 250

This is the old Concord Resort and Golf Course. I would love to rip the hawk 250 thru there but they had workers all over the place. This is where the new Montreign casino is being built.



Hawk 250 Dual Sport

Next stop was the Kiamesha lake in Monticello NY and a perfect spot to take a picture of my hawk 250 bike. This hawk 250 has taken us all around the Catskills and Hudson Valley. This was one of my best purchases of this year and we got a lot of use out of it. I couldn’t afford a real dual sport bike and this was a perfect fit for my budget, starting at $1399.

Black Hawk 250

Some pictures the girlfriend took while riding on the back of the hawk 250. We enjoy taking out the hawk 250 whenever we can and there is so much scenic riding to be done around us and the great thing is you barely ever see any cars.


Hawk 250


Hawk 250

Thanks for reading this post and hopefully you enjoyed the pictures of the hawk 250 in the wild. Please share your hawk 250 stories with me and I will share them on this blog for other hawk 250 owners to read or future bike owners.

Here are some other Hawk 250 upgrades I have done on my hawk 250 dual sport. Each link below will open in a new window. you can click here to visit my hawk 250 shop and add all of the items to your cart and checkout to amazon. If you click any of my amazon links on the website and buy something within 24hours then I will get a small commission from amazon and I appreciate your support and for using my links.

If I can help you with any of these upgrades or questions you might have about the hawk 250, please email me or contact me on my social media accounts.

Hawk 250 Sprockets 45th Rear

Hawk 250 Sprocket 17th Front

RK Racing Hawk 250 Chain 428SO-130 (No need to cut links if you have the 45th and 17th combo sprockets)

MIKUNI VM26 Carburetor 30MM for the Hawk 250

Wings Mikuni Carburetor Jets

Full Exhaust Muffler System Upgrade Slip on for Hawk 250

NGK (2120) D8EA – Spark Plug

Hawk 250 Burrito Tube Canister

MSR Black Steel Shift Lever Hawk 250

Please comment below if there are any other upgrades I can do for my hawk 250. I’m always looking to get her some extra power or any cool upgrades =).





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