Thanks to Brian L for This Hawk 250 Skid Plate Suggestion With Install Pictures

Whats ups hawkers, I had a few people email me about the skid plate I have shown in the hawk 250 shop, I haven’t been able to purchase this item for my hawk yet, waiting for the budget to allow it. A very helpful user from our hawk facebook page was nice enough to take his skid plate setup off to show us some pictures of the setup and what you will need to do to make this work, this is a very simple modification.

Its not a direct bolt on, but as you can see its very easy to make it work and I’m sure there is 100 different ways to mount it and make it work, so if you don’t mind tinkering with your hawk then this should be very doable for you.

[fsbProduct asin=’B071L5MDF2′ size=’300′ align=’left’][fsbProduct asin=’B071VJ4NF2′ size=’300′ align=’center’]

I will also be doing a video and guide on the hawk 250 skid plate once I order it.  Below are all images from o Brian L from our Facebook Group, click here to join.

Specs on what you will need to mount the hawk 250 skid plate

Hardware. Two 1/4 by 2.5″ long bolts. One 1/4 by 1 3/4″ bolt. Some washers, lock washers or just use nyloc nuts on all 3 bolts.

Orange washers in pic come with the skid plate hardware.

Brackets are 1″ aluminum. 1/4″ thick so it wouldn’t bend when tightened down. Front bracket is 6.5″ long. Back is 4.25″ long. Aluminum bar stock should be available at virtually any hardware store as well as all bolts. Mine was scrap I had laying around so Used what I had.

Slightly bigger than 1/4″ holes drilled in front bar. Holes are 2 1/8″ apart from center to center of hole.

Bolts pass through the skid plate and bracket with the frame sandwiched in between.

Back bracket rests in small v section under frame and merely tightened up the bolt until skid plate didn’t move anymore.

Removal was a lot easier than I expected. Merely removed front bolts and bracket and slid plate forward until back bracket slid off the V section under the frame. Took longer to move bike away from my bench and get tools out than removing the plate.

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