Just Ordered Shinko 244 Tires for Hawk 250 Dual Sport

Just Ordered Shinko 244 Tires for Hawk 250 Dual Sport

I finally decided on the new tires for my hawk 250 dual sport bike. I got over 3000 miles with the stock knobbies and that is mostly street riding.

Hawk 250 Tire Hawk 250 Tire


I got the Shinko 244 from Revzilla, right now I see they have the lowest price $78 with free shipping. I’m not sure how long this will last. Link is here

Hawk 250 Shinko 244 Tires

Shinko 244 Dual Sport Tires for Hawk 250

UPDATE 4/8: I just checked my email 4/8/17 and it says I will have these tires today. Man the shipping from RevZilla was very fast!. I’m currently working on a YouTube video of me doing my first tire change and now I will be doing a second one =)
Hawk 250

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    1. Sorry about that, I was trying to post this from my iPhone and the stupid app wasn’t working, I had images all cut out of what I purchased and then it failed to upload lol. I just edited the post again and shows the size I got. I’m hoping its correct, I checked some charts to see if it fits with my rim.

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