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Hawk 250 DLX Coupon Code

I had a few emails if you can preorder hawk dlx to make sure you can get one when its released. I’m not sure how many they are releasing at launch but it could be hard to get one due to the hawk 250 popularity.


I emailed TxPowerSports and they told me you can PRE-Order the hawk 250 DLX model, they don’t have a exact relase date at this point but they are saying Mid June, Early July from the last update.

PreOrder Hawk DLX

I plan on getting the new hawk, but right now I can’t afford it and can’t really add on more monthly payments haha. So I’m hoping I can get one soon after its released so I can start comparing the two different hawk models and let you guys know which one is better. The new hawk is a EFI model and that could be a good or a bad thing, more electronics to worry about, I prefer a carb but I’m excited to try the new model.

If you are ready to pre-order the hawk and make sure you are the first one to get the dual sport motorcycle, then click here and enter the coupon code hawkdlx2 at checkout for a discount code and to lock in your order. You also get some extra freebies with your order, make sure to select the gifts you want on the checkout page.

preorder hawk dlx free gifts

Hawk 250 DLX Financing Options

TxPowerSports offers multiple options to pay for your new motorcycle. You can pay using Paypal, Paypal Credit, Amazon Pay, Credit Card and Affirm.

If you have no credit or bad credit, then I would recommend trying Affirm, You can get payments as low as $60 and no fees if you pay the hawk off earlier. I used this method for my first purchase back in 2015.

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Sorry for not being active on the hawk 250 website guys. I just been busy with other work and didn’t have much time to post