YouTuber OddBallPerformance's Hawk 250 Stolen - Lets Help Him Get Back On a Hawk

YouTuber OddBallPerformance’s Hawk 250 Stolen – Lets Help Him Get Back On a Hawk

Whats up fellow hawk 250 owners, a great dude who had some cool videos on his hawk had his hawk 250 stolen from his jobs parking lot, this would make any one of us furious and want to snap some necks. GO FUND ME PAGE URL  


That was fast, really happy to see the amazing hawk 250 community come together and help a fellow hawk owner.



He went into full detail on what happened in the youtube video below, I’m going to send $50 right away and see what else I can get to help him towards a new hawk 250.

I have told him to send me his paypal address and I will setup a paypal button on this page and any donations will go directly to him. Thank you in advance for anyone who helps this dude out, please comment below so he can thank you.

Some pictures I took from his videos of his hawk 250 and some cool mods he has that are all gone now, really sucks to lose it all. Lets get this guy back on his hawk 250 and put a smile on his face

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