Another Awesome Custom Hawk 250 Paint Job From Green to Orange

Whats up, hawk 250 hardcore riders!. Last week I shared a post about another user who painted his hawk orange and it inspired another user to do the same. Well he sure didn’t waste no time getting it done =), Checkout his comments below and pictures of upgraded hawk 250, its looking so good. I love seeing all the different things people are doing with their hawks.

Erik H – Facebook Hawk 250 Group

“Painted the green plastics yesterday. Got halfway through putting them on today when USPS showed up with the exhaust.

It sounds awesome for a 250cc bike. I had a ktm 640 and it sounds identical. Nice bark to it.

I’d recommend that pipe for sure. Only issues with install were:

The flange coming off the head has to be notched for the stud spacing. Quick cut off wheel and were golden. ( You can see my hawk 250 exhaust guide on this, I just used a drill bit to make the whole bigger which is another option)

Also, it discolored within 60 seconds of idling. Looks good regardless.

Paint: 2 cans, Used 4 light coats of Rustoleum 7555 Safety Orange and 4 coats of gloss clear”

Hawk 250 Pictures

Hawk 250 Custom Hawk 250 Custom Hawk 250 Custom Hawk 250 Custom


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