June 24th 30 Mile Ride with Dual Sport and Girlfriend Video

Quick post hawk riders, I recently uploaded 3 YouTube videos on my channel from our bike ride on June 24th 2018, we did a bit over 30 miles and it was a great time, as always.

About 10-15 minutes into the ride, I heard some noise and found a trail entrance, when we went in we found bunch of ATV and dirt bikers ripping it up in the sand and gravel. The girlfriend didn’t want no part of the off-roading lol, so I will need to come back with with another buddy and get some better video of the quarry and trails.

My hawk 250 is maybe 400 to 500 miles before it hits 5000 miles (I’m guessing because I don’t know the exact mileage on my stock cluster, it was a bit over a thousand miles). I will be doing a hawk 250 5000 mile review real soon. I haven’t had any major issues yet.

Hawk 250 YouTube Videos, below you will find the 3 different uploads. Please share and like if you would like to help me build up my YouTube channel, I appreciate it.

This video shows the off-road/trail we found while riding the hawk 250.

This video is showcasing my new hawk 250 spoke skins I recently purchased. You can get yours from the hawk shop, click here see my video on installing the spoke protectors

This is the street riding part of the ride on June 24th, like always its very scenic views when riding around the Catskills. A lot of empty resorts from the 40s as you can see in the middle of the video.

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