Cruising With The Hawk 250 RPS Dirt Bikes

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What a beautiful day in the Hudson Valley this Sunday morning. My buddy and I have been riding since 830am and just stopped by his house for a small break and then back on the road. We did over 70 miles so far today and still got more to go.
We went to the SAMs point state park trail and got kicked out right away lol. We just told the guy to take it easy, we just getting some pictures.

Some pictures of SAMs point below.
Red Hawk 250 RPS2 Hawk 250 RPS Bikes

The Hawks are running great and great deal for the price. My buddy and I have new carb, sprockets, chain. We are able to get it to 60  65 without any issues.
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Sorry for not being active on the hawk 250 website guys. I just been busy with other work and didn’t have much time to post