Hawk 250 – Upgrading to 115 Carb Jet and Oil change

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Decided to finally swap out the 110 jet with a 115 jet on my hawk 250. It takes only a free minutes to swap out the jets on these carburetors from Hawk 250 shop. You don’t need to drill out the screws to make adjustments or replace the jets. 

Then I did oil change on the hawk 250 and was getting ready to do a quick ride but after checking the bike I noticed a bolt that snapped off. I might have tightened it too much and from all the vibration it just snapped. I need to find a stronger replacement for that bolt and nut. 

Below us a picture of my hawk 250 bike with the bolt head missing. 

This is my buddies hawk 250 and how the bolt should look :). I have emailed therps.net and hopefully they have replacements but maybe I’m better of finding a stronger USA made bolt and nut to relace this China one. 

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Sorry for not being active on the hawk 250 website guys. I just been busy with other work and didn’t have much time to post