Hawk 250 Exhaust and Carb out of Stock on Amazon 1-24-17

Whats up fellow hawk 250 owners. I got a few emails about the hawk 250 aftermarket exhaust and mikuni carburetor being out of stock. I have checked amazon and right now it seems they are all out of stock. I’m sure they will get them back in a week or so. I really have no control, I know it sucks not being able to order it when you want it right away lol.  I found some eBay sellers that are selling the exhaust and carb. They are offering fast shipping and you should get it quick. Below are my ebay affiliate links and I appreciate you clicking them and helping me keep the website going and keeping the hawks gas tank full =).

eBay Link: The link below will take you to eBay for the Hawk 250 Carburetor. (Link will open to eBay)

Mikuni 30mm Carburetor VM26


eBay Links 1: The link below is for the Chrome exhaust for the hawk 250. (Link will open to eBay)

Chrome Exhaust Muffler Full System Slip On



eBay Links 2: This is for the black hawk 250 aftermarket exhaust upgrade. (Link will open in new window)

Black Exhaust Muffler Full System Slip On



The links below will take you to the amazon store if you want to check if they are back in stock on Amazon.









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    1. Hi Jamie, I haven’t had to purchase any of the slow jets yet. I got the Mikuni carb and using whatever is in there. Send me a email and I will see if I can track any down on ebay or amazon for you.

  1. Thank you for all your info on this site! Good job for the Hawk! My biggest problem was the short gear shift. Your info solved that! On the exhaust, it looks really good. But, I may need one with the spark arrester. I don’t see that info.

    1. No problem. Thanks for visiting my blog. I’m loving my hawk and it’s still going strong. The new gear shifter is much better. The exhausts I have linked have the spark arrester. Just double check the description but I’m 99% sure the eBay links have the spark arrested. The exhaust is an amazing upgrade.

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