Hawk 250 $50 Free Giveaway for Supporting My Blog

Hawk 250 $50 Free Giveaway for Supporting My Blog
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Whats up fellow hawk 250 owners and future hawk riders. This is something new I’m trying.

I want to offer something back to allHawk 250 the people who support this blog and send me all the comments and use my affiliate links when shopping on eBay and Amazon. I started this website to blog my adventure with my black hawk 250 dual sport bike.

I got it back in Dec, 2015 and its still running strong and I’m very happy with my purchase and it has been very fun working on this website to provide videos and content about the hawk 250 Enduro. If you are looking to buy a hawk 250, click here to see where I got mine and get a discount code.

Back to the giveaway. This is a free giveaway anyone can enter for a chance to win a $50 gift card, you can choose for it to be Amazon or eBAy if you are the winner.

It’s very simple to enter this giveaway, there will be daily tasks you can do to get more entries into this giveaway. If you have any questions, please email me.

Hawk250.com $50 eBay OR Amazon Gift Card Free Giveaway

Hawk 250 Blog https://hawk250.com

Hawk 250 Shop https://hawk250.com/shop/

My Hawk 250 Performance Upgrades https://hawk250.com/hawk-250-rps-performance-upgrades/

Hawk 250 eBay Upgrade Links https://hawk250.com/hawk-250-upgrades-ebay/














2 Responses

  1. Hi,
    My brand new Hawk 250 should be here next week! I purchased mine from TX Powersports. I’ve been on your website and started ordering parts with your links. When I first started looking for a dual sport bike, Chinese bikes were not even on my radar. Between your website, China riders and all the videos on YouTube, I think I’ve made the right choice. I purchased my Hawk 250 to use as a daily commuter.

    1. Thank you for your comments and I’m happy this website helped you decide on getting a hawk 250. I’m still happy with my purchase and having fun with my hawk. I can’t wait until the spring weather kicks in. Please let me know how your build of the hawk 250 and first ride goes =). *****For future hawk 250 owners, I was able to get a small discount code you can use on checkout when buying a hawk 250 dual sport. It’s only $25 but that can fill up your gas a few times, or get you some beer or your first hawk 250 upgrade. I wish I could have gotten a bigger discount but I will keep on trying =). You can find the discount code and guide here https://hawk250.com/buy-hawk-250-get-discount-code/

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