Is the Hawk 250 Worth Buying?

Hawk 250 Junk

I think I have heard that the hawk 250 is junk a few times over the years. I agree its not the perfect bikes, it has its issues but don’t we all? If you go buy a brand new $10k Honda or Kawasaki dirt bike, I’m sure there are thousands of people saying its junk.

It’s all opinion at the end of the day, only you can know if the hawk 250 is junk after testing it yourself. Most of the issues I see people reporting are more of “user error” mixed in with some “bad manufacturing” in the factories with again “user error” when the workers assembled the hawks in the China factories. Most of the issues I had with the hawk have been due to lack of maintenance. I have worked on maybe 8 hawks between my cousins and friends that had these bikes. All the bikes have their own unique quirks but they still run and provide us hours of fun on the road!

Riding The Hawks 250 With MotoCheez

My hawk has close to 6500 miles, nothing major has broken. All of the parts I have changed have been cheap and easily replacement. The biggest job for me was changing the hawk stator and it wasn’t even on my hawk, it was my buddies bike but we figured it out and got it all working.

Do you own a hawk? Please comment below what kind of issues you had with your hawk 250 rps?

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