Hawk 250 - How to Change Front and Rear Sprockets

Hawk 250 – How to Change Front and Rear Sprockets

The video below shows MotoCheez changing his front sprocket on his black Hawk 250. You can click here to see my picture guide on how to change the sprockets on your Hawk 250 RPS dirt bike. I went with the 15th for my front sprocket and 45th for my rear sprockets. I’m 240 pounds and using these sprocket sizes I’m able to max out the bike around 63+ on a straight away, uphill I will go to low 50s. The good thing about these sprockets, they are cheap and its fairly easy to swap them out for testing to see what works best on your hawk 250.

My hawk 250 upgrades, I have new sprockets, carb with new jets, new exhaust, new chain and digital cluster. If you are looking to buy the upgrades I have, you can purchase them from my shop, click here for hawk 250 upgrades

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  1. I have a customer with a 250 rps rear sprocket problem. The bolts are broke off inside hub. My question is how do we get the bushings out of hub the bolts will then fall out. I need replacement bushings and bolts I can drill them out please let me know. THX Ronnie

    1. If you have removed the c-clamp holding the sprocket on, then you should easily be able to remove the 4 bolts that hold the sprocket off. Did one of those 4 bolts break? I also did this post which has more images of me replacing the sprockets https://hawk250.com/change-sprockets-hawk-rps-250/

      The website therps.net should have all the stock parts for the hawk. Their website is a bit hard to find stuff, I would just call them right away and ask for the part you need.

  2. Please give me a part number, and company that makes a 45 tooth rear sprocket. I ordered one off ebay,and it’s the wrong one.

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