hawk 250 air filter

K&N Model 33-2238 Air Filter

Thanks to one of our hawk 250 club members on Facebook, we found a K&N 33-2238 High Performance Replacement Air Filter that will fit on the hawk 250 dual sport rps bike.  He sent me some pictures from facebook showing the filter in place and it looks good. I have attached is images to the bottom of the post.

I just placed my order from my hawk 250 amazon shop for the K&N Hawk 250 Filter and some other goodies I needed. Click the image below to be taken to the buy now page for this K&N Hawk 250 Model 33-2238 Air Filter.( Links will open in a new window, prices showing in images below might be different from the date I purchased them)

hawk 250 hawk 250 k&n air filter

Here are some pictures from the Facebook hawk 250 members sent in. When I get my hawk 250 k&n air filter, I will do another post showing the install process and do a quick video.

hawk 250 air filter

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