Riding The Hawks 250 With MotoCheez

Riding The Hawks 250 With MotoCheez

Finally got to meet up with MotoCheez and do some riding in his hood. We got some breakfast and then hit the road.

Bek texting his girlfriend.

After breakfast we hit up some dirt and gravel trails that had death traps all around but it was super fun ripping the Hawk 250 and seeing what they can do.

MotoCheez should have a video uploaded soon and it should be a good one, including me failing to get up a hill and having to do a redo lol.

We also got to meet Vee, another fellow hawk rider and did some more cruising until we had to leave. We had 4 Hawks 250 Dirt bikes on the road and took over the gas station. Hopefully we can add a few more hawk 250 riders next time we go out.

4 Hawk 250 Dirt Bikes at Fast StationHawk 250 Dirt Bikes
Some more pictures from the ride with the hawk RPS 250 Enduro style dirt bikes.

Hawk RPS 250 Dirt BikeDirt Bike Hawk 250 RPSHawk 250 and KittyHawk 250 and Honda Dirt BikesRed Hawk 250 RPS Dirt BikeRed, Black and Black Hawk 250 Rps3 Hawk 250 Dirt Bikes Under Bridge

If you want to see the upgraded parts on my hawk 250, hawk 250 upgrades to see my post

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    1. I currently only own the Hawk 250, I was looking into getting the Magician for my girlfriend so she can blog her experiences with it but haven’t done it yet. I know of 5 people who got their bikes registered in NY and didn’t have any issues and I know some who had issues registering the bikes. I think it all depends on who you get at the DMW and how much they are willing to help you. I also think it might be getting easier to register these since more and more people have been getting them registered and they are in the system now. You always have the option of going the Vermont method which a lot have done. Good luck! Chinariders has a lot of information on this.

  1. I understand there are a few guys that got these on the road in NY. If anyone knows how please let me know because I want to buy a pair of them for my wife and I. Thanks guys!

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