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Which Handguards for Hawk 250

This is just a short post on which Handguards for Hawk 250 I have seen people using on their hawk. I’m actually going to order one right now for my hawk and then I will post some images of me installing it and how they work. I also got a few emails on which handguards for hawk 250 will work and hopefully this post will help you find what you need.

Here are some images of the hawk 250 Handguards that people are using on their hawk 250 dual sport bike.

Which Handguards for Hawk 250 Which Handguards for Hawk 250 Which Handguards for Hawk 250 Which Handguards for Hawk 250 Which Handguards for Hawk 250

I have another post I did a while back on these hawk 250 handguards, click here to read that post and find the amazon links.

If you are looking to buy them from ebay, check the info below,

TMS Brush Guards for Hawk 250: Click here  to purchase the Hand Guards for your hawk 250. Make sure to only select the seller that has the same image as above, it can be a different color but as long as its the same product. That is the one hawk 250 owners are using.

I will be doing a new post on which handguards for hawk 250 I got and how the installation went. Please check back soon to see my pictures of the install. I have been meaning to buy these for a while now but I been spending my money on performance upgrades for the hawk first =)


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          1. Post about them coming up now =). I didn’t have to cut my levers but it did require some tweaking to make it fit.

  1. I am interested as well. Just concerned About proper fitment. I dont want to have to “trim” the clutch or brake levers. Cant wait for a vid !!

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