Sunday Funday Crusing Over 200 Miles With Hawk 250 RPS

Sunday Funday Crusing Over 200 Miles With Hawk 250 RPS

Today was a long fun day of riding in the Hudson Valley and Catskills NY. We finished up with 215 miles for the day. We started around 9pm and wrapped it up 7pm. The Hawks handed really well in the heat and I’m 250lbs and we cruised most of the time in the 50s to 60mph.

Here are some images from today’s ride.
Black and Red Hawk 250 Dirt BikesRed and Black Hawk 250 RPS Bikes

We went with no food from 9am until we couldn’t take it anymore and stopped by McDonalds at 4pm and went crazy with the food

2 Hawk 250 Bikes in Parking LotHawk 250 Black Dirt BikeGetting Food With Hawk 250 Dirt BikesHawk 250 RPS Dirt Bike Ride with Girlfriend

Caught me some Pokemon while I was waiting for my chosen as food.

Hawk 250 Black Dirt Bike

Hawk 250 Digital Cluster
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