Is a Hawk 250 DLX Model Coming Soon from RPS?

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I was shown this by one of our members in the facebook hawk 250 page, it looks like RPS might be releasing a new Hawk 250 DLX model and it seems to have some nice upgrades, information below comes from TxPowerSports, I emailed Ricky Power Sports few days ago but I haven’t heard back, if they update me, I will update you guys.

I did get a reply from TxPowerSports and they don’t have any other info other than whats listed on their website for now.  I hope this is the new release from RPS that helps people register these bikes easier with the DMV.

Some Specs on the Hawk 250 DLX, not much lol but it might be the same as the original hawk 250 with some upgrades, hopefully we see some pictures soon and more details come out. The thing that caught my eye is the Fuel Injection upgrade =)

EFI model with Electronic Fuel Injection !

Hawk 250 DLX

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Sorry for not being active on the hawk 250 website guys. I just been busy with other work and didn’t have much time to post