Just Got My New Exhaust for The Hawk 250

Just Got My New Exhaust for The Hawk 250

I ordered a new exhaust from eBay on the 19th and I just got it delivered this morning by DHL, that was super fast shipping from China. If you are interested in seeing all of the upgrades I did for my Hawk 250 RPS including the exhaust,.
Hawk 250 Aftermarket Exhaust

You will need the make the holes bigger on the bracket. The bolts on the hawk are too far apart to fit thru the holes on he bracket. I recommend using at least a 1/2in or bigger drill bit that is for stainless steel/hard steel. I used a 3/8 drill bit and it was a pain.

Hawk 250 Upgraded Exhaust
Here are some pictures of the finished product. I will be posting a new article with more images of the install.

Hawk 250 Aftermarket ExhaustNew Exhaust for Hawk 250Extra Power Hawk 250 Exhaust
Short video after the install.

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    1. Dave, I have a small video I took yesterday after I installed the exhaust on https://youtu.be/eiauz0n1T0Q I will do another longer video and compare it. My friend has a hawk also and I will compare the sound with his. I haven’t haven’t had a chance to max it out yet but the short ride I took, I noticed a power difference right away. You can also hear the sound change and feel it when the bike comes on, sounds much meaner 😉

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