Hawk 250 Review from Rob_HK250

Hawk 250 Review from Rob_HK250
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The following hawk 250 review was submitted from a hawk 250 user I met on Instagram. Please follow him on Instagram @rob_hk250.

I saved up over eight months to buy a bike to ride around and have fun on. I found the hawk 250 through the help of my friend, we searched for two months online for the bike. He showed me the hawk 250 and asked if it was ok or fit my taste. I told him yes and I searched for videos of the hawk along with reviews. It came time to order my the bike.

Hawk 250

Power sports max was really helpful with the bike and the shipping to NJ was fast. After the hawk 250 bike arrived my step father and I put it together to discover it did not want to start. How ever that was an easy fix with a new ignition coil and the battery being jumped the bike started with no problem. This bike is really easy to handle and can be really fun if you know what you are doing. If you like to work on your own bikes I would recommend this bike to you. If I had to rate this bike on a scale from 1\10 I would give it a 9.5.

More images from Rob_250HK Instagram page, click here to visit his profile.


Hawk 250

Rob making sure his Hawk 250 valves are set correctly. MotoCheez has done a great video on how to adjust your hawk 250 valves. I have posted the video on our blog for you to easily find it.

Hawk 250 Review

Really nice looking red hawk 250 dual sport, these are some cool looking breaks and the price is right.

Hawk 250

My hawk 250 upgrades, I have new sprockets, carb with new jets, new hawk 250 exhaust, new chain and digital cluster. If you are looking to buy the upgrades I have, you can purchase them from my shop, click here for hawk 250 upgrades

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