Morning Ride with 2 Hawk 250s and a Suzuki DRZ4000 Bikes

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Great day riding today with Bek and MotoMania_420. Moto hooked us up and changed our cheap spark plugs. Started riding around 1030am. 

Took a ride to a motorcycle dealer ship for some oil for the Suzuki DRZ400. We checked out some motorcycles way out of our budget. The Honda dealer ship was impressed with the hawk 250 RPS dirt bikes and was interested in importing them and parts, that would be nice. 

Getting some of that super fuel. Motomania_420 flexing them muscles. 

While Moto changes his oil on the Suzuki DRZ400,  Bek and I getting some cheeseburgers. 

Then we got some milkshakes from the Mobil gas station. The cookies and cream is the one I usually go for. 

Went back to MotoMania_420 house and he saw the milkshakes and we had to come back and get him one. 

After destroying the milkshakes, we hit up route 52 and pulled over by the overlook by SAMs point. 

Moto getting some hotdogs. 

The hawk 250 and Suzuki DRZ400 make a nice couple. 

Bek had to go home to do some laundry, so MotoMania_420 and I hit some rocky downhill trails and my damn battery died on the camera and I missed some good footage. I was able to get a picture instead of the hawk 250 RPS and Suzuki DRZ400 with a beautiful scenic background. 

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