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MotoCheez has uploaded 2 great hawk 250 dual sport review videos on YouTube. He has done many great videos on hawk upgrades and fixing common issues and making your hawk better. He is just a hawk 250 fan like us and doesn’t work for RPS, these are real honest reviews on the hawk 250 dirt bike.

Hawk 250 Dual Sport Review

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Below is the first Hawk 250 video that MotoCheez created to talk about assembling the hawk 250 dual sport and what he thinks about it so far.

Published on Feb 18, 2016

Purchased a brand new Chinese Hawk 250, took photos along the way and some videos for those who are thinking of buying one. It’s really not a bad bike for the money. About 4 hour assembly time because no instructions are included.The second build would take less than 2 hours.” by MotoCheez

The second YouTube video that he uploaded was a hawk 250 1000 mile review video.

Published on Apr 7, 2016

Well I hit 1000 miles and it’s time for my review! Thanks for all the support. I think the bike will last quite a long time. Running like a top still.” by MotoCheez

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Hawk 250 Pictures

Hawk 250 Hawk 250

You should also checkout the video below on this youtube channel. We had a small hawk 250 meetup and had 4 hawks on the road at the same time. It was a great day and hopefully we get to do it again.

Hawk 250

If you would like to see all the hawk 250 upgrades I did on my bike. Click here to read my hawk 250 performance upgrades posts.

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Sorry for not being active on the hawk 250 website guys. I just been busy with other work and didn’t have much time to post