Hawk 250 Dual Sport Review MotoCheez

Hawk 250 Dual Sport Review MotoCheez

MotoCheez has uploaded 2 great hawk 250 dual sport review videos on YouTube. He has done many great videos on hawk upgrades and fixing common issues and making your hawk better. He is just a hawk 250 fan like us and doesn’t work for RPS, these are real honest reviews on the hawk 250 dirt bike.

Hawk 250 Dual Sport Review

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Below is the first Hawk 250 video that MotoCheez created to talk about assembling the hawk 250 dual sport and what he thinks about it so far.

Published on Feb 18, 2016

Purchased a brand new Chinese Hawk 250, took photos along the way and some videos for those who are thinking of buying one. It’s really not a bad bike for the money. About 4 hour assembly time because no instructions are included.The second build would take less than 2 hours.” by MotoCheez

The second YouTube video that he uploaded was a hawk 250 1000 mile review video.

Published on Apr 7, 2016

Well I hit 1000 miles and it’s time for my review! Thanks for all the support. I think the bike will last quite a long time. Running like a top still.” by MotoCheez

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Hawk 250 Pictures

Hawk 250 Hawk 250

You should also checkout the video below on this youtube channel. We had a small hawk 250 meetup and had 4 hawks on the road at the same time. It was a great day and hopefully we get to do it again.

Hawk 250

If you would like to see all the hawk 250 upgrades I did on my bike. Click here to read my hawk 250 performance upgrades posts.

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If you own a hawk 250 dual sport and would like to help spread the word on the hawk 250. Please contact me with your hawk 250 dual sport review, I will post it on this website and link back to any website or social media accounts you want.

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  1. hi,,great videos..i am thinking of buying a hawk and would really like your honest thoughts on the bike..i have two other bikes and have rode for over 30 years just want to try something new. I am more than capable of working on the bike..just want to know about dependability…thanks for any thoughts you have,,i can tell from the vids you really like the bike….Gaary P N.C.

    1. My buddies and I have had our hawks for over a year now and we are still loving them. They do require more hands on attention, checking for loose bolts and making sure to do frequent maintenance checks to avoid downtime. Checking the bike after a few rides is always good and can prevent major damage if you lose a bolt or nut. I haven’t had any serious issues with my hawk but I’m always taking it apart and checking it and enjoy working on it. I did have one of my spokes crack and puncture my tube while riding but I thin this was my fault for not checking. I don’t think the rims come true from the factory and I would recommend checking that if you know how to do that. The price for these bikes makes it a great buy for what you get. I’m about 3600 miles and its still going strong. I’m about 250 and I can max this bike out around 63-65, I wish I could get a extra 5 to 10mph but its not a deal breaker for me. Feel free to email me at webmaster@hawk250.com if you have more questions.

        1. If someone would love to send me one, I would do as many reviews as they wanted hahah. If anyone has the Brozz 250, please send me a email and I will do a post about it.

          1. Yo cheeze, enjoy the videos. Almost ready to get one. Really hope someone comes up with a skid plate. I don’t have the resources to make one. Curious about the oil cooler too. That should be real good for the reliability of the engine in summer temperatures. Again, good job on the videos. Last thing. I’m concerned about the ignition system and getting those components. So you’ve experienced no problems there??

  2. I am on my way back from Georgia with my Hawk I just bought it I’ve only rode it for about5 mins. And it felt good it’s brand new I just hope I made a good choice. Your video and comments are making me feel better a lot of my friends have been telling me if I don’t buy a Honda,Yamaha,etc, name brands I want have nothing but trouble I’ve went back and forth for about a month finally I said heck with it cause I really like it. I hope my friends are wrong. Franklin, from Tennessee

    1. Hi Franklin, this is a great bike for the price you are paying to get into dual sport. I haven’t had any serious engine issues with my hawk. These bikes do require a bit more frequent maintenance checks compared to a name brand bike but it’s very easy to take these things apart and check the basics, bolts, nuts, wiring etc.. Doing preventative maintenance will keep your hawk on the road and not broken down. Please email me how its going with your hawk. I’m not mechanic or expert but I always do my best to help anyway I can.

  3. I purchased my hawk 3 days ago and I’m waiting for it to get here. After doing research and seeing motocheeze and your page i said screw it worse case I’m out 1300. I’ve owned many of dirtbikes in the past, but i grew out of it and just rode harleys. A Couple of days ago i got the itch to get back in the woods with a good trail rider and i came across you guys.
    I’m looking forward to getting it and seeing what i can put it through. I already ordered my makuni carb and jet kit and I’m going to modify the exhaust and air box. I’ll be putting up videos on you tube to see how it holds up.

    1. Congrats on your new hawk 250 purchase. I think you will get your moneys worth, I know I have with mine. I haven’t had any serious issues with it, the engine seems solid. Just make sure to do frequent oil changes and go over the bikes nuts/bolts and evertthing else after doing a lot of riding. These bikes vibrate a lot and its a good idea to use loctite.

  4. hey, ive been debating getting a hawk or an old honda for a week now but after some research i settled on the hawk. it ought to be here soon, i ordered the “hawk 2” they sell 4 days agofor $1550 from “safer wholesale” (the place on this site was out of stock) and it even came with a remote start. since the mso will take time for me to get, since it comes after the bike, ill spend that time loctite ing every bolt that looks like it could come loose with loctite blue, changing the oil, figuring out how to change brake fluid, and other maintaince. this bike seems promising, i only with i knew somewhere that sold mag wheels for it, im not a fan of spoked wheels because of the maintaince, and i dont intend on doing much if any offroading.

  5. I’ve been looking for a dual sport to ride around Norman, OK while I attend College. I do not have any experience with dirt bikes, motorcycles, or the maintenance required. Would this be a good option for a 22 year old to learn the ins and outs of motorcycles and maintenance? I see that you’ve said a few times that they require a lot more regular maintenance and that scares me a little bit.

  6. Hi i have been doing research and i thought this would be perfect to commute back and forth from work and school. i just want to be sure i can trust the hawk first.

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